I can always keep it next to the Jesuses, where the ketchups were. Wonder if any of this repeat karma to light my soul

That’s so annoying when you get to know her. Trust beyond my wildest dreams. One name rush –Horse/post. Gastonia. Fighting the elements –Man. While maybe in a known city. 3D belly.

I can always keep it next to the Jesuses, where the ketchups were.

Wonder if any of this repeat karma to light my soul.

Cancel order. Align with the upper room.

Like were competitive with other sports.

Whale a witch hat.

That important, I’m in slow state.

Wild regulation. Pimples. Call outs. Down by the river. Does not ignore you, the mystery. Chronically late and it’s not cool.

In an aggressive safety net.

To possess wisdom when you write an answer.

I’m taking me power back –Man? Now I London and awaken. These fat girls part of my home depot. Does a great job cleaning and whipping. Divine principle.

Cook my dog – service it onto other plates.

I did see upon that on a surgery.  Wu–Wang. Divine principle. Pinky to heart. Have that in me for a long time –Place love/for God to power. Use me as a tool. A divine instrument. That I’m [still] in love with life God, [your] divine mystery. I might come back again.

It was essential to my wellbeing and I wasn’t getting it ←your support.

If I date an East sign in a cosmic West. Divine principle. The issue turns gray now –$ there. I keep relaying mental impressions. To name each room. My quality of life has improved – not seeing her.

What I can do – What I can’t do –me on testing the waters with practice.

Win or lose. My split vision.

Ultraviolet Angels Glow

It was the perfect storm to express and forewarn

Any angle, my conscious dangles

Opposing forces make my life a pain though…Ultraviolet angels glow

Why I manage to overcome

Radiate the Sun to evaporate your moistened tongue

That trips you into the next stage

Choice of brethren—will you stung

’Humans are like bees, they’re not playful’

This I say sure to know the venom within my worth

March 8th, 2023

Art by Jesse Robertson
Find the dragon. The dragon kills everybody. You cannot put another outside the door | Lost the tomato sense of the dress | Go out like a castle sword and emerge –Man got flinged into tall hotel—superhero style—after… | The spiritual warriors called every day spiritual progress | I was defending angels | All dragon and death | Tell him we’ll have to go over there and check out the dragons near the entryway

Living Relic

This angelic swag you portray

Is enough to keep heaven’s angels amazed

You reverberate a sincere niche

That replicates the purest pitch

Your heart resounds harps

And only your clan knows the mark

Of the holy scribe of wholesome love

An ultraviolet mental dove

Your swag is angelic

Much like a seraphim’s relic

[writings from 2013–2023]