So much of my writing is left alone – to die for

Healing through the world and the world is crazy.
Not many pretty places to live. The application of the applied science itself.
It’s been hard—very hard – just keep the faith.
It’s not only how much love – it’s how much love to give.
She keeps white I noticed due to her hair.
And I’m about to perform a great compsition. The heart rebounds pretty quickly.
The lines mix up for clarity and momentum. Anything but simple.
Heart is breaking – you move out of the way.
He laid beautiful music. Humanity crushes many forms.
You really whipped me – you did the exact same thing.
Loved the tone.
Do that whole load – she’s going to destroy you.
I was the only one better with higher accolades.
I would “Sage against the machine all day” ← sign ← 2 others.
We’re all going to meet us – overwhelm.
Let’s have some skinny thoughts. [Tiffany not island].
And why we also make hosting this so extreme…To her about our office – And why we make hosting this so extreme.
Handed and find in the shadow.
Conscious teams do all the work they can do.
I was a therapist/counselor – to a person who their whole life grew up this way – orange hair, terrible life, upbringing and trauma.
[Is] Quick in apple book to poke jabs.
My actions are based in the purpose of being found.
Chaos music is being wise in what you see – don’t you think?
[A party…] Thick neem and noomed. The girl whose vitamins are exposed…[don’t be that].
When I saw that love and protection.
Expose your raw talents. Noom. Amen that I wasn’t into what she said.
Amarillo. Because I got like bullets and pretty big thoughts –Realtor passed phone onto other realtor to take call from difficult, demanding client –guy mentioned he was important and ruined things—It was like chill dude.
Tape dexter exterior. It’s about having your intentions line up.
God would’ve blessed you certainly [If you]—hit the ground running.
[“Take chancing”]—on fortune cookie.

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