She knew her Aura transformating was special

The barbarics of the barbaricness – stick with it

Really pretty having sex so their music was a charm

Turns me on all night long – it’s important to ride it out

The barbarics of the barbaricness – stick with it

Sorry you were awake, I just want to say hi for dusty –Man who called crying/voice trembling [I thought someone died and was waiting for news] then spoke:… .

Reading with a bad reputation. I like the privacy of Astrologist’s post –Man –no one commenting/contained.

Healing through the world and the world is crazy.

Not many pretty places to live. The application of the applied science itself.

How did the skip thrown her. It’s been hard—very hard – just keep the faith.

It’s not only how much love – it’s how much love to give. Home run –post.

The barbarics of the barbaricness – stick with it. She keeps white I noticed due to her hair.

And I’m about to perform a great compsition. The heart rebounds pretty quickly.

The lines mix up for clarity and momentum. Anything but simple.

Heart is breaking – you move out of the way. Summer-free memories.

He laid beautiful music. Humanity crushes many forms.

You really whipped me – you did the exact same thing.

Loved the tone.

Race chemicals at tank.

Do that whole load – she’s going to destroy you.

Testing ideas because I’m a monthly advocate of the moon waning on me

Defendant of the seed, descendant of the tree

Really pretty having sex so their music was a charm

Artist’s a wreck about you and I don’t know why. Little girl. Sweden trip missed because didn’t enter drawing from Astrologist.

My childhood wasn’t normal – [eating Korean food] that was charged top $ but wasn’t too good. Stoic person on owl on … .

[Day after birthday] Owner freak about nothing happening – him take out all inventory and rage putting up – I helped as could/was the only one who gave a damn…I was busy talking to customers – I thought while in a contained environment, I could be busy – own a crowd…Got/chose new business hat, burgundy on it – had to replace from torn lining.

Take magic more seriously.

I was the only one better with higher accolades.

I would “Sage against the machine all day” ← sign ← 2 others.

We’re all going to meet us – overwhelm.

We don’t, I’m going to take 1 more quick look –gravy at business. Truck composition.

She knew her Aura transformating was special.

Let’s have some skinny thoughts. [Tiffany not island].

And why we also make hosting this so extreme…To her about our office – And why we make hosting this so extreme.

FHA. Can I get a positive sunroom on everything that he asked for.

Really pretty having sex so their music was a charm.

The only one helping and cared while moving –me at business. You’re too envy [impact] to be on impact [envy]—girl you stand alone.

The heart rebounds pretty quickly

Turns me on all night long – it’s important to ride it out

Design a husband too. Weird sexiness. Time to move on.

Nobody want to talk to you while we’re hiring. He’s hot—I don’t think he can find us –hiding from dad on trail in woods alone. In building with woman, fam., man, woman, man—lil man.

Handed and find in the shadow.

Conscious teams do all the work they can do.

Larado. Let him stay in anguish.

I was a therapist/counselor – to a person who their whole life grew up this way – orange hair, terrible life, upbringing and trauma.

Man, like man, smoked and woman too, for the first time – lost her ‘tear’ and woman too – not man…And offered but I said – been on a break for a while after dealing with jail, near death and stress – I’ve smoked enough. –Him and man are just back on money.


Sudden drop in intuition. 3 min. waking phase.

[Is] Quick in apple book to poke jabs. The film was so fuckin’ big.

Virginia Beach with woman and other – forced to go into #1 even after my plea of not safe/due to prone of accidents like lightning – and break-ins…Grammys playing and I thought it was a show live in complex but not – Mariah Carey playing and other great band: The Who?.

Comparing a Kardashian to Britney Spears and the sisters saying/hating on even though was just calling herself out. Why would she look so fall like her lesbian.

My actions are based in the purpose of being found.

Chaos music is being wise in what you see – don’t you think?

Jack smalls semi sonics. What is this…My lack of cbd. [A party…] Thick neem and noomed.

The girl whose vitamins are exposed…[don’t be that]. Smoke, sex, playful, team and weed.

When I saw that love and protection. Like the longest jail in Virginia.

Expose your raw talents. Noom. Amen that I wasn’t into what she said.

Don’t be scared like nothing’s happening.

So much of my writing is left alone – to die for.

Turns me on all night long – it’s important to ride it out.

Amarillo. Because I got like bullets and pretty big thoughts –Realtor passed phone onto other realtor to take call from difficult, demanding client –guy mentioned he was important and ruined things—It was like chill dude.

Tape dexter exterior. It’s about having your intentions line up. Crystal Lee. If we’re not drinking I can slightly just forget. A woked—… . Felt recovery.

God would’ve blessed you certainly [If you]—hit the ground running.

Looking for the hardest with the hardest working mind. It feels like I have a lazy haircut… All I want to do is. Like is a long way from clarity.

On vinyl. And understand that whatever comes up… .

[“Take chancing”]—on fortune cookie.

Feeling a little more adjusted/if we owe… .

Your body’s rhythm to slow down. Magical afterplace. Sexual appeal.

September 9th/10th/11th, 2022

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