≅¤≅By her heart and resilience—extreme shadows≅¤≅

To the sky’s pureness and the veil left unseen – organic breeze. ∗ Very bright shade of evening. ∗ Like salt this is magic. ∗ A shadow’s book and a shadow’s rise.
It’s adorable energy—speak the shadow. ∗ Work with our shadows and the darker comes out. ∗ The hardest part: trusting. ∗ Trusting deeper. Full alignment.
Salt lamp flavor – I picked pink/death/and was beautiful color, energy.
These crystals clear—spear pointed – were at bottom of ocean as the waves cleared back I could see/and I felt for them to pick them up – I collected quite a few and they were magical—so divine.
Been received of. Pockets of Amethyst. ∗ I want to sleep throat through this. ∗ Ocean feels breezier when sleep. In real products I wanted to show the skin.
All the blue work in my life. ∗ By her heart and resilience—extreme shadows.
Show your Joy – Show your talk. Eat it right there – get the Sun out of your way. I am before and this is anything. White Sage.

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