Kingdom of pain—Kingdom of self initiation

Local anguish, meticulousness, and resentment…Parvati: wants to: help

Very ceiling and up-charged the family

I just thought it was Angel work. …of my caliber

Kingdom of pain—Kingdom of self initiation

Spirit guides, I’m asking to help me move in a brighter more determined way.

There’s no fire—only water. Sensitive made you awake.

Ariel views of town and our nice home to share. Ice boats drinking out—Man and I for next adventure.

Girl in the chart does not want to be lazy.

Virgo/Libra = least favorite signs. Traffic jam.

Man and I watching Land Before Time or something mystic like that rented on Redbox.

Hard time reading out trances overall. Man eat leftovers! Coupon for mammogram in February—in newspaper—lady nice. The history channel. Owner: Jason—who is he – Employee = no one understood his logic. I don’t creep … just to creep. Mammogram in May—11—and was April. Trust find your social media.

Not interfering with more listeners –Owner. Pricilla –thirsty singer on magazine few nights ago—me not know who is. [I got cones for manhole – they were doing mad construction]. We don’t need to walk like an ogre – we need to breeze swiftly in business – ground – freely. Jocelyn who I was working with [Sara] again. Welcome back—I was Sara’s Jocelyn’s go-to on training. Sandbar. Was Thursday the day to go back and train.

What’s the meaning of pack it [in] late with the Angels

Yes. Woman got misdiagnosed – maybe. [I can’t stand you] –her? to me? I explained to get checked out, man agree. Man ask for a discount on catering. Woman asked if/why I don’t eat meat – I explained their treatment and slaughter – she grossed out. In store gave me my business cards.

If I have to pee, I go behind the Maple tree [when raining]. Blend their seat – you will stick it. Roads surreal. RNA—DNA [Work]. SunDance Bacon’s Castle. Oracular[ed]. Plagued with distractions. I can’t tell you how much I cheated it’s like –Leo DiCaprio.

What’s the meaning of pack it [in] late with the Angels.

How on earth can you stop gabby and windy.

82nd falling over skin like.

We just finishing up before Abram was teaching.

Crystal light clarity.

Kingdom of pain—Kingdom of self initiation.

Earworm. Yeah I wear makeup – if I don’t hurt myself.

Local anguish, meticulousness, and resentment…Parvati: wants to: help

Yod of God. Gain access.

Just be a little more topical to the shade.

Man/man smoking—I took 1 then told woman I hadn’t smoked?!…She said man told her…deal breaker.

I want to set up people as a very interesting photographer [photographic] version of yourself –big redhead yoga…uniquely large for being good.

I’m an exleadership and lately the bells ring. He’s not worth what he pays and he’s pulling his weight in gold –Employee. Just met day before yesterday –Owner/me. Every single animal is an infinite success –meat patties made by owner.

We Abram, I’m the Father—I’m the Mother

This is a threat to you in a way you never had –Owner –him think I email guest/or business prospect about CW lead – I’m not that crazy—why would I do that in my position—I’m not that crazy –me run to woman and mans in underwear/butt—me tired—woman I hug—man getting ready for work. Employee there—me [vulnerable position] him have walls with me, not trust me or my thing – woman brush teeth in our sink/brought toothbrush with her so no one would tamper. Nature TV show on woman and mans…[deers]. White walls needed painting in RR at business. A young female [someone … from me].

I just thought it was Angel work. …of my caliber.

Blinded by ginger ale.

Jean Stevens –me checking in guest at business … [lady]. Looks like somebody moved on from here, [me] yes I have. They draw blood twice a month and have 80s—90s theme parties every month. Oh…I pass out from finger prick—couldn’t do that. –New chick who looked in my old room. Me looking at new crew, before I was in early—clip written with my name over again…chick knew woman and woman.



Local anguish, meticulousness, and resentment…Parvati: wants to: help.

Man whispered, kissed on my ear—then was like oh woman there—shh! Me in bra—couldn’t find shirt—me kissing man. I thought was man coming in rain—but then came in and was Parvati, a friend familiar who helped out freely. When explaining I was like oh yeah [I knew] the Arrows [I knew story].

Braver is inner.

Hills in the gravy. Be very proactive.

Memory drops wet and free—my neighbor… . Dreams to die for.

Nothing I can do—total eclipse of the heart –pretty singing/melody.

Me vacuuming, taking forever at work.

Reincarnation. Parvati. Total eclipse of the heart.

Real estate never sells hard – client appreciation month.

Glitz. The tables have turned.

Allow by the lenses to change her.

Draws a skeleton remark.

I’ve always known it like under me. The finger of God.

I mean to vanish – I mean to suck your dick.

Her ethnic first at work –Mothers kissing babies on cheek.

Christina’s singing example – wrote in both languages.

Quiet culture.

Early in earlier …00s. Exaggeration and exhaustion. The best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup. I’m the victim of the year –Owner. Stand on your toes. Felt bad for taking crap – felt love and courage. The profit’s urge.

Abrams of Adams

I’m in the mood to get out of the house. At least he still acknowledges it –Meat free Monday –Owner. You’re moving away from Texas. Absolutely – turn my frown upside down—putting on jacket [windbreaker].


The rest of recovery.

The chemicals of the euphoria.

Social smoothie.

Allow by the lenses to change her. Draws a skeleton remark

Very ceiling and up-charged the family

How old was he? Me asking older dog [asking owner]—”222″ was codeword and he was on a cliff/rocks taking his final moments—:”he was jealous” [dog] of wanting to stay longer and owner [young male/called his dad] and said codeword and explained…I cried, said aww and asked: How old was he?

I told you I was named by special person. Uttered lawman

Before, man and I were listening to childhood neighbor/’Pearl Day’ – explain not to spit around horses – as her dad said growing up/we were in meat dairy place she worked/and horses/cows [who were on the verge of being mistreated] were everywhere – [Richmond Road]. In meat dairy – pissed and poop I had to avoid as I was barefoot and I didn’t want diseases – it was sketchy, man paid $14.99 for overnight oats to be added – I didn’t get shake as make my own…He bought a slushy on sale which I sipped on – I explained I put my own oats—1 1/2 cups in my own for calories to Pearl. Man and I bought chocolates at convenient store before and I bought high quality $3.00 bites of these “balls/choc.”—golden – I gave 1 to man and each bite was $1.00…They asked for my ID at store to check I was me and not going to rob.

Before, man on having $16,000 left – he was irresponsible and continued to buy toys. Before, guy baked us these corn-ish muffins and I ate quite a few – with my shake/I was eating with and thankful for offer—it was delish, other 2 females didn’t like so much and I could eat their portions.

“Candy girl” ← my business name/nickname for starting backwards on the constellations + Astro findings – constellations big—beautiful. “Snapshot of the sky”.

Finding clarity within a clear mind.

Very ceiling and up-charged the family.

Obviously not morale – why do I harm them?

Your physical security. A great time to be sober.

Figure out evenly.

80s theme dress, butt hanging out.

I told you I was named by special person.

Uttered lawman. Just your life—deposited.

You can cut yourself out other messages.

Can’t take that away from her. Blitz.

Do you let it model a spirit after?…–guy asked who noticed I trimmed my hair.

–Me on computer, I just realize how important progress is. You had accident. Era of improvement. You made a mistake. Never seems to be working quite right.

The dead clinic. It’s like your flexibility just started. I will arise again. ‘The dead clinic” – reward for $. I will arise again.

Taking bath outside house rules. Tom Petty don’t love her about the wheelchair. Or 13 years to express. I think he’s been putting on weight for a long time –me/woman.

I’m training really hard – so this message from now.

July 5th – oh that’s the day they trained you right behind the folk music.

What a conjunction whore.

You’ve just never heard anything like it.

What is this takes a dial – What is it I like this a lot

Attempted suicide.

It’s 100% nice being Leo DiCaprio –no cheating.

Why would I of ever done that?…[Attend Catholic school together].

Falling in the 80s. [Talk about].

Crown jewel. Making this up.

What is this takes a dial – What is it I like this a lot.

Salvage—Recoup. Don’t be so disappointed.

Natural singer. Bring it to the house so much.

Came without delay. Grown up.

Nice, perfect, right next to trains.

I’m sure I could get a little bit of a discount off me but it wouldn’t be… .

Going to blind you. Chain reaction. Reverberate.

The physical one [App] Anatomy → hanging charm in science room –she went to grab [gold strands] [constellations].

September 23rd/24th/25th, 2022

The Shaman

New Moon

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