Put your Sun and your density first

Put your Sun and your density first.

And death—I want to honor the birth, Saint North Star. ∗ North Stars lead the walkers. ∗ North as the bright Star.

If God tells you that’s right…it’s time to start talking about jeopardy.

Don’t close the dark. An artistic eye, An eye for vision.

Nobody knows how God lives up to all this.

That’s personal beef – I thought that was a wise decision. I didn’t help with that—It’s the whole galaxy thing.

Custom painting by some guy named “Judge”.

Don’t need to declare how different we are – change your position.

That’s what our history books want [for someone to] to be this tough and not give up [lifting weights].

Accepting hard rain – I have a hard time accepting rain.

Aubrey and myself don’t hear a bit of noise –outside afterhour bugs.

Keeping you low after the confidence. The one I didn’t click on.

Shot sun for the bold one that you are beautiful. Energetic sense.

A woman turns up. A many time drug dealers—A many time nutritionist.

[They want to like the] like the life they want to live. A madness – a strong madness [in you].

I asked out of your side for prayer too, God. Professional rest.

You’ll be the “Judge”. Cases solving. Received loved ones – that their misunderstanding’s mattered [–Woman looked back saying].

He’s like airing today – he’s like fire. Financial institution.

While I carried him open. Formodable. Angles with baby spirits.

To be let go in isolation. I’m a leg lifter.

A complete circle, an oracle’s virtue—I support backing you up.

Rage against the machine. And I love little mystical magical things.

Whole tail is a disaster. This house is built and moon on water pic—Followed by swan on lake in opening through trees.

Looking for the hardest with the hardest working mind. Marvel. Receiving the call.

Thank you for a shot at life: come face me in this realm.

3 deaths circle. Empire. Orange of the dead knead. Don’t get hooked.

What you are really rewarding. Everything younger – that’s the way we feel now.

It’s a big deal when you open and shut somebody’s window.

When I am moved I am trained. A fresh start. Mystical attunement.

I’m a Sun gift riding the toxic. A shot of the planets with soul power.

Fancy patterns. Hail to science fiction.

Then I say no I’m not a recorder –guy looked over at me from court podium – then shut his eyes and put his hand on mouth, he mockingly did as was true [come on shouldn’t be surprise].

2 of my early lines were on Jeopardy and devil [line] – first had symbology, of zodiac symbols and Bob Marley.

I was the subject living in the most Sun since ___ . It’s written for me in the stars.

Me making copies as favors for neighbors – and if you receive 49 million digits a year and if you receive you both agree.

Your breath stinks – your breath has never smelled Pisces-er.

Turned on by blue print. I don’t see any models – I don’t have any.

Paint it black—Paint it blue –that Moon.

Guaranteed successful. Uncomfortable being comfortable.

The good prophet. The bad prophet endures.

Out straight out name. Precognition. I take a lot of credit/pride in.

[Great combination] always lighten this up.

Computer cord when he say breath stinks. Personality ghost.

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