I think of this bright flower who wants to chant

You’ll get time: a primitive position

I think of this bright flower who wants to chant

Cast spell on universe – work with beautiful forces

Then the preacher accused of being a witch

An artistic eye, An eye for vision. Nobody knows how God lives up to all this

You’ll get time: a primitive position

Strange, off, I just feel different than I’ve ever felt in my life. ‘Cause they’re the same across the board. Because they’re having a party without you. Fractal universe. He stopped being our friend –Man. Navajo compassion. Look at that luggage –Woman face. I did respect his opinion – I kinda forgot now.

I just bought you like straight up time.

You can see how much Mercury is in the air ←device to detect.

No I’ll just wait to do this tomorrow. Patience, persistence, class.

The moment I had … – it’s hard … . To keep her Jam down a year and navigate –Pharmacies. At party, you slapped my butt – I called you out – wife [pissed]. A short let go getting high.

Navajo compassion

Trust that every time I take a wink I will remember that –Mom on freakin’ … .

Heard it early renaissance for you.

It had to be in the arm – excuse me while I relish –at Moon looking.

It had to be in the arm – excuse me while I relish –at Moon looking

Man turned on loving before – [choosing wisely]. The reflection of the woman’s face is alright –Mom looking at/reflection of woman face looking.

If I came for a single mission or a back up –60s style complete no bra.

Look at all the options you have. Remain here close to the arches.

How do we know that the Pocono Indians wage. Whenever I clam up I feel icky. Woman’s face crazy, ugly, scale, cracked looking … . Doors and dooms. End of life transition for 10 year old.

What’s wrong when you unlearn love.

A glimpse of beauty. We know you can do this.

You’ll get time: a primitive position.

Don’t destroy on me. Fuck justice and Orphic hymns.

Doors and dooms

White male position: [hiring] [a company that hires specific for diversity]. Pagan witchcraft. Don’t lack from the heart –Lesbian T-shirt. No one’s really gone through what I’ve gone through. Hits me out of nowhere. Meant to be where she is or where she was.

In detail I know: More extra –Mexican death ceremony skeleton face on body with needles sticking out forehead.

Read me further.

I just bought you like straight up time

In a girl I’ll probably miss –landscapes—childhood friend on childhood friend. You’re telling a story. Personal favor. Recruiting truth. Speak easy. Geographic small. Learn a new evolution. Reasons why I am powerful I cannot talk about. Man still loves his tattoo.

I did not even have time to hustle. Playing—on college football.

Getting the white food off your finger [slice/shave]. You have dirty dinners [that so any day – using silverware to have Baywatch].

It’s the new theme of the Leo this week.

We caught their spirits and tricks among many walls.

Heard it early renaissance for you

I don’t do that anymore, I’m not on a fund of mudras.

Plug in my powers and calculate.

Forks in strength. Ready to share—are you ready to share. That’s what we gotta do—what we gotta do. Energetic lifter. We historical lifting. That’s an 1/8th – that’s a quarter. Yes please up until midnight. Amerie. Just the self titles of it – no he doesn’t follow your business… .

I think of this bright flower who wants to chant

Look at woman’s hologram. National geographic. Stole man’s heart. I think I’ma like the coconut mad as anything.

No one can read ’em to the left.

Countenance. Practicer’s globe. Writing speechless things.

Maybe wild card. Stepin’ on the daily press.

I hate you, outcome was different. Your talents are better used elsewhere –Barbie [on not cleaning]. Under the sink – and the sink’s responsibilities. Climb on over here. Conscious decisions. The essential is overview – blast from the past – the essential is overdue. Ways to stop beating yourself up. And know his exactly, should be – but I know that we can make this work. … commandments. Jether with saving Christ members. Delivery appliance driver? Me cute.

I think of this bright flower who wants to chant –70s singer who passed—0D/drugs—sung beautifully – mesmerizing all—I didn’t re-name the song – even thought I wanted to as to not offend or be more generally accepted.

Death will save you the money.

I know that’s why I didn’t want fuck with you romantically.

Order food—it’s not that big of a deal but if you can just drop mood everywhere

Getting hotel in least desirable part of city/Richmond. A really good workout routine like you can’t even argue. Pilates … [I want want]. Drop in motivation.

I like this camera a lot – It did a lot of real thing in my life –After vision of da Vinci’s human divine spread figure.

Death is the natural stand.

To be understood, not repeat[ed]. Remind me a gentle reminder.

Man endure with stolen troop. For – …me to happy on. Talking and training session. Energetic cleanse. All the time – I look up my left side. Full energy weather. Stick figures energies [we’re making progress on] our stick figures … . Fuck you taking damage from you. Over-hang yourself. We knew exactly what she wanted –Swati. Rooted in decimals, I need you so. I like the—An eye for staging. Fight for it for a decade –Woman.

He laughed at it whatever I said – A beautiful finish. He got married out of wedlock [due to wedlock].

Need a break—I was looking at my tequila and sounded like George Washington.

A huge part of my safety guide were ancient civilization.

Love ancient Greece. Capital landing road.

Our arch – does suck.

May get rid of David Bowie and Andy Warhol. → What could be his “almost career”.

Maybe the hero’s ambition [Journey I am into]
He needs to … on himself and the almost career. Happy birthday my love. We get him a responsibility gift.

The hardest part: trusting.

That stuff chases you and I feel like I’m chasing it. How things financially [don’t work out and tighten the belt]. Have some … – I’m eating one of these before. Can cause long-term goals. Thanks for the follow up. I don’t know when will be back next week.

Have to be lit in caves – Use my voice to be lit in caves.

Does not work in a way that should. Accounting in sales. If you could film with my crystal sundance. What’s it like walking down those streets at … –Boy. Sound resonance. Feeling a little rich. Bodhi tree.

Order food—it’s not that big of a deal but if you can just drop mood everywhere.

I’ve heard that happens with certain trauma as man with arms –Permanently stuck stiff in air/couldn’t put down, tissue build/t you see – I put/held/jumped onto arm in attempt to lower down but then: “trauma”.

But I really want to get checked out at 10 o’clock today. Manifesting through the heart. [That’s a masterclass] Sounds good for me and my home. Energetic spear [crystal].

Rosary. The color of use.

So inspired by love and introspection.

That’s an acoustic game changer –new schedule.

Your brain was on fire, can I have the rest of that.

Maybe the hero’s ambition [Journey I am into].

How’s it going? This going on the way. Well then I hope that you think that I’m slow shipping method. Gut microflora.

Cast spell on universe – work with beautiful forces

Don’t close the dark. An artistic eye, An eye for vision.

Nobody knows how God lives up to all this.

That’s personal beef – I thought that was a wise decision.

I didn’t help with that—It’s the whole galaxy thing.

Custom painting by some guy named “Judge”.

Custom painting by some guy named “Judge”

Under accountable. The universe brought man work –4 painting to keep him afloat. My PVC was throwing pipes at her. Basics are reason for – to go insanity [After vision—Alien winked]. [Going to] James river peninsula.

Always trying to go through the dark side.

For my own reference sake—for my own worried rights [to know truth on owner].

Feel healthy again –owner.

It is worth it—It’s worth it [oh wait I’m lying to myself] [on 2 year slump].

There I said it: everything else has to suck.

Force of dreams … –Me taking video outside … playing ball. Captured a video –White towne and county car goes over and back then again different shape, vehicle – then stopped as to talk or dispatch to talk…I ran inside for my life and health [sign and knew would have to begin again on journey – I didn’t even want to, just … . The resources’ runner lunge – with/by Selena Gomez promoting in the resources’ runner’s lunge. 3-11 1985 – turning 37 [on vacation].

Found someone like me in common.

All my dreams were negative – us thought they were sins and not figure out.

I feel like your intentions are real

The casualty. An on need to give. Where I want at 37.

I feel like your intentions are real.

Believe—trust – believe that you deserve more.

Mean every me too. Man’s, I am pissed off at my gun. I said I didn’t get lonely, like you knew was okay. Hammer, heart, used. The grief has ended [with man–job–control]. Red flag/white. My path is chosen –showing 2 credit cards.

People with same face/body type as me – got along with me, understood, and weren’t jealous. My divine footing. Were marked.

Maybe she’s done with her surprise food. Oracle wisdom.

The pot calling the kettle black –Man.

Hi, my name is Brandyn Aubrey Robertson and, I am here to do the duty of your will. Energy book worm.

Random – she seemed nervous –she was –woman?…–on me in dream…watching me wash my dishes. “I’m proud of you” –feeling she had.

How’s Antonio been?…Strong. The family … standing ←you didn’t want –Man? You hate us for being right. Teamless effort –woman on spending [speak man].

Cast spell on universe – work with beautiful forces.

I am sincere in my pursuit.

Complicate things more than money. Individual law?

Not going to overstimulate or under stimulate my body.

Commercial printer on site –me.

I am sincere in my pursuit

Man wants to repeat the pantry. I know they are making money –Man. Juicy area around me –Woman pregnant at Coach –2 others to her right [left]. Memorialize on Spotify. Other and mom 35 years old. On fire for a deep dive of the situation. The solution wasn’t right. Just safe and how are you –with tapping. All 3 pregnant same time.

There’s a lot of days that go by not taking a division – taking other people’s pride.

Kelly West. Drum beater. True energetic freedom. Just me looks surreal = old age. Man – broken promise. Everyone wants … and more muscles. I’m cutting off the loop I was stuck on. Amen. I got around to counting some problems – selling rod. Stoicism – seller of life. Deep on count really. Super… . Not going to sell your ass out – I can’t even sell my own ass out.

But stubborn sessions are combined at suffering.

Because no one wants to know. The meat premium. Makes me anxious. Kinda mean when it comes to my job [–me/man]. Blood type. I could make a huge chunk of nodes. I would never have before. Dad house. The green peanut butter –Martha. The great equalizer. Running through our bodies ←once we start that – never rehearse…reverse. I’m gaining information on 3 people’s jobs now. [I feel] the medications have made you lukewarm for life.

Refuses to lift on the ground.

Then the preacher accused of being a witch

Psycetry [psychic symmetry]
You’re so brave – children has never been in our future –Woman. Dancing across the country. Criticism doesn’t bother me. At the end of July—this is what I’m going to do. I worked earlier in the day. I threw my award foundation over there. Newport News is empty for us. Woman’s going to cry –billionaire. All the interests in the start.

These dudes think it’s okay to be relaxed when you’re selfish.

Cheetah –triple cheetah statue.

Yup girls would rather have liposuction than reflection tools.

A honkered down Panera thing. The lady in blue. The softness of the year. County rod – selling system. It’s okay… but I … . I will have energy and ideals when I’m pictured. Reality series arch deserving. Man saying video of practice and other requirements—#2 were unemployment since enlightened.

You play your heart song!…shout your energies.

You can look through – I don’t have anything to hide [except few nudes].

Psycetry [psychic symmetry].

Sorry about that creative writing—this is more important/healing.

Blood in the gang.

A commandment of when she wins the award

Still getting up close and personal these days. Warrior weekend – it wasn’t that there, I’d be able to tell – warrior weekend. Someone that solid needs to tell him ’bout himself. On this cause and effect [yet/now]. Oh is that man’s wife – willing [Man on phone]. Man doesn’t like gifts – just giving them. I can’t believe you thought the world was just made of vibrations now, at 63. I don’t mean to be fuckin’ pumped ’bout it but I’m fuckin’ relaxed. I’m not working for your man –Man.

Switch finals—switch body. It’s taken 2 to twenty photos.

Longterm goal – Man post: [←think].

I had other male suitors. I am here to reclaim, commitment.

The winter wonderland. The person you can be the most vulnerable with or something. I’m vulnerable. To be something else. Most inspiring truth. Remain Brandyn. Credit karma. Most exquisite figures. Press in a time why.

Ragdoll half looking for love – beat up energy and self.

Any tips and channels. I can’t do it again I’m sorry –Past work/shoe store I was like wtf so sincere. Cuba’s most entertained artist. Break in of denial. Bugging me tomorrow – … a year. Man has issues with his money. Honkered by the idea of what never works. A vital news nutrition person. Firm or money grounded.

It’s really hard for me to forgive, forgive what?…The definition

A commandment of when she wins the award.

The sexual pillow weekend.

Big ego and humble. It creates a certain humbleness of spirit.


It’s really hard for me to forgive, forgive what?…The definition.

Amy Grant’s daughter.

Then the preacher accused of being a witch.

Doing something evil in the spite of hates me. By the grace of God, my reality is extended. Bravery is the strongest. Slept with a maniac just like yours. Stancing—you’re having a wonderful time. Betty Hayes. [CanCan] Can – they’re open. … .

It backs him up. I’m so so torn with weightlifting and drawing.

My energetics and vibe.

Energetic attunement. 12th Dimension.

August 17th-20th, 2022

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