Might drink a red bull—it will follow you around

A faster piece of doe with some tape in it. Bong top not loose, just new –new/packaged well to completion. He’s dancing some other time –Spear. A headed mixture. Think we should have bought the other section of the toilet. Ascension masters—Ascending masters. [Don’t look at it that way] They aren’t of my tongue.

I am a forever daughter.

She was mad for her wedding.

Pleasure ensues. Chaos ensues yesterday. Resting every 30 mins. Make ends meet. The early morning even. Might drink a red bull—it will follow you around. 27 year old black male. Vulcanic bliss. Really need to get locked in the vault.

The ocean of thoughts is so great.

More lifetimes undenying.

I’m an artist—I make in heart. I have hearing problems. Addicted to the struggle—exhale exhale. Socially/Aggregate. Christopher’s heart tank open. Never took the money out of your account because your thumb’s stuck up your ass. We might need to turn the heat on think quicker.

Just to be honest each day is meant to be a paradise.