The way I feel right now, the science going through the heart

Talented pool of existence. 300’s daughter. Freak, I’m about to ….. computer. Inner resources…  .  …Keep waiting. Put more into this –writing …absolutely, hurry. I’m more developed in. The gods sweet graces. 1 road per minute. Awakened mind. I love soulmates—mesmerizing. Seeker of sailors. Somewhere takes you home—3 beautiful homes. Going to take away my blues in excellence.

Hard to pick up legend when you’re so free.

In home rock and roll fables. The way I feel right now, the science going through the heart. That they don’t have no faith. Enjoy your referrals to your guides. A weighted vest on – A British man changed discoveries. I was living both memories or… . It’s that 1 chick who keeps the party going. Business owner, wife, very important part of life. I ask if it’s good or massive autism better. Adonymous drift. Give everybody your gift—it was so dive. Stable elixir.

To the very devoted team over my life.

To harness your energies. To stink and feel for the mind. Signed in as a union delivery. Breath of financial air. For me and my second wife. No years on earth. Guided legacy. Unfair that people did that to you. Thank you for helping me wait in your kitchen sink. I’m feeling some kind of forestry [I love forestry]. That’s another life I can’t live without. –Freaky/element. Party pear—it’s a breeze. [Penguin vision].

Stay comfortable—I’m not going to ask you to move.

The position in the light. Never before seen in the dark. Everyday I’m next to the Sun [unfortunately?]. Staff centered heart. Rebellion—Revolutionize. The magic, The tumbler. Every square inch matters—density mode. Let alone James Bond movie. The wreckage continues. It’s funny how operative you are. Steven Seagal movie. Its past insration—its dedication. Didn’t I wrinse it off yet. It was so silly on an emotional letter. 2 teams – the red and the blue team. The beef jerky smells good. It was a dream come true. [99% of the people] Can’t let her loose.

It’s nice to have negative thinking.

Oceana boxes—anything new. And you still wanted to take that—we were on our feet all day. Well over 2000 yards of everything. Body means foot. The cockroach party.

I said I would drink the cup of everlasting water.

Junk food—go get a job. Lovely accurate. What you made and what you want –eat. Party on the palace. It takes on even note. Made us house work daily. Nothing to read—Nothing to rise.

It’s going to get worse –back up time.

Yet I haven’t tapped into. The York river or Chesapeake –either – now. I have so much on my block now. Go do your service—we’re having some fun here. Y’all are soaking nasty nutcases. Girl getting swallowed head first in creature. Palm out. 2 country songs after young people. Will impress.

I was a white cloud on purpose – different effects of the rain.

Soul prophet pagan. These earwax theories. 56 of responsive duty. That these on the daemon on the inside. A take a deep breath and look harder. A deeper date to some of my charms. Woolite supreme. Is love, a kindling element. The man in the mirror. And their gym stained the poop floor. Excel. Passing times. Pluto takes 1 year to Mars’ 33 conviction years. You can’t let me not do it. Jada Pinkett Smith.

I don’t want to give your Nasa back either—I’m sorry I’m not your public.

You’re just snipping a tailbone. Have you been around any feminine perceptions. Gorgeous voice. This is wrong—no when I don’t want to no answer the question. I’m calling to go. Your warrior spirit—The devil in you/me. Dreads on how they got the cover. I want to time the answers. Any animals in pounds? Noteworthy scapes. From the birth of your soul.

The resurrected one manifests himself into glory to glory.

Supernatural delivery sown in. Abandonment. Very skinny for the east clans. Remover of obstacle in me. Love and specialty poems. The red burial. Know the vanity vaderex’s help. Somethings—added or extreme. Close to all perfect meanings. I need a bigger space in my room. That’s a nice picture of me. Lion figure folk. I have a god feeling it’s probably over. I bring very testosterone energy. I just can’t handle… . I could not message fast enough. Embrace. UNC. Sun’s morning transformation. It has rated a complexity. I do not know.

Quasimodo reactions to my joy.

Definitely original to the world pop. Moonglow glow. Fresh preserves. I remember beyond seeing and claim my source of power. A love strong enough in the world—I’m half the suits. Take pleasure in all the comfort stakes. I – this is one reality or extension. All I ordered is the cinnamon roll there. For every sleeper camper we had bunkbed fold out, kicked some unwise soul. She got me an apple, no sandwich.

This anatomy on the tongue.

The secrets of the day.  …life of cheat. They are doing these gap things over a millionaire –Former bosses going on Holly fork porch. Just heading to sit in Sun [outdoor chair] – brought green back and saw small break, tried to get a pile of all debris out – Anvil in grass – I walked on. Selling faster – Matilda and sister. Company soundtrack – on shirt [Hyundais]. The use of all. What’s happening to this light –lamp bulb funky.

You are whores on the Sun—life feels like a box of chocolates.

Oh baby Sophia –Lana title. Because reflect and air earth back to each other.

Why is some of the stuff suicidal – I thought you would want me to try it –on 2 types of juice from father’s fridge…wanted one, opposite to other—prepped for the 36 others very great up in the sky.

Yes I can come out too. Role [of playing] sister roles. Bleed 1 potato out of your body; you’ll survive the rest.

There is something I’m bearing over me to share – with me.

Emotional firestorms. Be your own beauty. Can you get the student out of your mouth. I saw it changed name’s faces. Let’s see if you need inspiration. I’m standing here waiting for something to happen. I’m not scared of I want. You to be king cod—fun deal. Mutual unhappiness for years –worn out couple. Forged in the fire.

Once you see past my license and nothing’s changed.

Well I’ll tell you how I did this. Unique operating system. Beethoven 1-9006 – Beethoven symphony on the James city county bridge. A grouchy old man – he had the hots for you. I just don’t think that was the plan today –rock bottom. Myself wins self-proud. Due to sales and daily bathroom check [I’m as far as I want to go]. Naturally claimed. She never stays mama—She never expires.

He who the man is good who prepares his services.

Maybe I should just cut the air.  …  At least I feel like I’m not offending anyone –on wet – level of wetness. Same concept, different principle. Tough one –ahead.

1.14.22 [still recovering the back-up]