[Faith] Continue wanting us virgins

Serious benefits with the Neptune loss. My only commenter with vision’s skins. Registered for eyesight. Persephones. We need to live in our languages. You need to love with eternity. Put the fern on the cherry–. Pledge allegiance to the age minus Kim uptight now. ‘Cause of you a punk message. Obviously, the words are slaying. Bloodbath. You really have to suffer your own. God lead my heart into dignity. But I shaved up and I ate—year after year.

When you have the right person reading your work.

Limit myself with all possibilities and irons. Someone’s taking initiation, appreciation of your work. Qualify me with their voices. As my inner scape shifts. I have been scared to realize what’s within me what’s around me. I have been red to realize what’s within me prophets around me. It’s harder not doing it than it is doing it. Frail of deceit –meantime. Small attic. Cult following. Die young—With all my heart, all my obsession, all my passion. Past his Zion ways.

Getting the ascension flavors out.

I piece to the missing puzzle. Start a new session—I honor exalting you. Federation of light. Thrift through hell. I didn’t screw it up. My wife and I are there to work in, on solitude. So desperate in Georgia right now. I like to neon ’em—4 corners/colors. Gut with your rut. Wishing candles and net chills—me oracle. The ants like threw it off –workers. Before Kathleen’s birthday. Mental marriage…for your ring. Change may long term life. Deer laid out [vision]. I just don’t think I’m blowing enough performing up my ass.

Sanskrit for Eveing or blessings.

Merging lights. Your health and your happiness come first. Italian Renaissance…[vision laid out]. People like you…[nice and friendly]. I just wanted to be hoovering it…[laid out vision]. Ultimately as you did. Upper level class. 3 dimensions. Getting a raise at work. You have to be invited if you want to come in. 3 punchlines later. James Madison and I think you should get there. The jurisdiction code. Usually I’m single. On a mentally pregnant note. I’m glad you’re waking up. Truly you’re going to have lots of space in here…[laid out vision other page]. It gets you as you are. Let’s say if we have our intelligence taken away. I’m just like the boldest bitch, I’ll fuckin’ use that shit. Mrss. Briana. The eyes in between what you showed us. Let the entire team rival from this side.

I’ll do karma later when I’m up in my room doing south node work.

The dream, The Burial. Jesse you did so much—maybe I keep doing exceptional work. The Nile. Now yell at me forever. Terpines. Keep your shoes off my feet. I love sleeping with my hand on my neck for landing purposes. That’s where we have this furniture. You are the dirt of the beast –me from prison. Everything was more elegant to read when you’re reading. Gotta go man. Wild at heart. Got each other. Painful situation. Flailing—flailing. Señorita. Not funny—you’re looking at a drama situation. Little ear breaking off to hear. Leading the fake. I love both that you brush my teeth with. Your power wolves, power windows.

Looking for something different – Jewish child’s daughter.

Queen of toy doy. The gap is hard. It’s more Winter lightning. Or wanting the country white. Just the same thing as racist as you can get –Catholicism to Paganism. Wait till the very end of your group—dedicate it to parts you love. Heart terrified of love. Extra 9 miles southeast. 3 of Stands. A burning bush. An honest kitchen sink. Make it impossible to tell the lie –Song. Me writing Tony card to out Tony Bob –Beautiful song. Olympic gold medalist: . Vegan animal cruelty. He’s not letting me do the training and he’s not hitting the death penalty. You’re helping me to do it. A king and crown.

Dozens of MC’s tonight – I came back to steal you.

Just watch out for your distinctive smell. Do you realize your dream? Cynical. Alterations. Canonite. Sacral source. What did I do to all the hair that I ever had –beard shave. Social security number. Darn it were they all in good condition before –Pink ceramic pics broke. Can okay that—that really a nice location. They all have the experienced jungle—the enchanted forest. Wolf vision face.

You talking about to sell and make ceramic flower figurines—oh I don’t have it in me.

Billy Joel—Allysa Q-trone—The sandbar. Now this room is authentically bound to this… . Sold for hot dogs. And a 4th one over 10 grand. Bent or loose. I built an Elvis storm. State medical drug testing—we are gazing. Property manager and psychedelic queen. Break up a dream time. Guidance proves guilty. Dog off too… . Just forget about hiding us downstairs—forget about the email. A security of the snipes [they sing].

Make sure you can do anything you want to do.

Biblical writing that trickles down at your feet. Hour—Raven I love handles. Going into RFC brain. [Almost just like] A hopeful conversation. Cricket…cricket… . Okay let’s get started here. They’re here–they’re here–they’re here—here do we have to unwind so much. Holiday home package. If all truth is going to start living some busmisery –misery business. They didn’t want me to save no more –Slaying.

You were so hard to find – Fate doesn’t want me to bring you back.

[Faith] Continue wanting us virgins. Because it takes 2 hands to make that junk. It’s the best mom’s circle possible ever. Get impaled—give yourself a little break. The other things going to do me good at exactly the same price –Beach house[s]. If you don’t have anything on you till Wednesday. The lifeguard—this will save you –heart and head—mind and body –the heart in the head—the mind in the body. No one’s buying nothing from anybody—artist to Artist.

1.13.22 [long delayed from a recovering back-up jam]