Sometime you get married to the wrong type of wings though

Bid you farewell. The most interesting thing[s] he’s ever read. Like God’s there and you’re on your deathbed—I’m talking about that kind of humble. I was just going for the cleanest version of the truth. I strive for honesty and accuracy. Tractor infractions. Open dream invitations. Absolute freedom in your legacy. This drawing in Virginia Beach. I’m provey to be known, natural to be held accountable. Wisdom keep. A mad mental breakdown week.

A death laid intergalactic.

Something’s being asked of me to do this. I just want to go on with fear. Second rate. Can we strap Monday’s episode. Almetria. Suffers injuries. I was entitled at that job –Anvil. Want the love. Her group epiphany in Georgia. Takes a lot of business to invite. Your 18 year commitment. Lip service was great. Psychological interplay. I don’t think we can ask for help—I don’t think we should reel income off that.

Open market for it – target practice.

But I need the cream. Sharpoon. Falling Aquarius. I’m like short circuiting. Sometime you get married to the wrong type of wings though. Cream of dessert. I like to be a sex critic. It wasn’t bad being a reflective woman. Tall lady too. Shipped out with a little bit of rain. Permanent ongoing damage. If it is cold we are a mystery. Demonstrous leak. You’ve established roots beyond the sun. Next year off—yes indeed.

My presentation towards the end.

Bragging rights. Dreamt I dreamt a night of trances and it was next morning. Enormous mystery. And not to underestimate the power of love. Just put your belt on. Bet on love. 12 escaping the hip logs for me. Karma stay. Joe Rogan’s wife—hey not with her anymore. Grow your own plant – they don’t have the energy, patience. Double wrapped in the good stuff. Daughter of an unrelated village.

Lots of Santa Barbara in between your spirit.

To drop-kick a better tomorrow. I’ve already been in the concentration camp…this is fresh and new [in] your eyes. Scavenger hunt. Can of TV—A can of TV. Uruguay. I always play it by ear. Stand if you’re willing. Soul witness. Stop tucking it under. Pray for me—everyday. The world’s most important… . Severe amnesia. Divergence. Swallowed by God please—it failed the limit. Truth of the matter. Brand new craft and page.

Retire different need and name from the alphabet.

Requires an honest sense of humor. Husband: shocks ’em all—no I don’t…It probably goes without showing, the progress daily…,x,x,x. Wired different. Realist Rembrandt. Trusted. Dirt whores. Second skin. I was barely helping my husband. The light of pain. Magic charms. It’s crooked but the other one’s not anymore. It takes requests. Important face off at her feet—A true face off at her feet. Can’t easily stop when it’s about you. Underwater human –syndrome. It’s unique to be cold. My inner world itch. Retire the family. You are our very figure. Under magnet appeals. The 2 cottage rentals…there’s been a lot of sad.

Song like Andy + female given birth.

Thinks about downplaying all the time. Ascension chart. Going to be ongoing but keep in mind a brief history on astrology. Student and death—death has risen. Destitute. For me giving recommendation. I’m sure the baby’s pregnant again too. Able to emotionally drop back in. It’s amazing that what they say are hand in hand. Ripple control. Blocking… everything to hangups. Trustworthy-fund baby. All I need. Turn down his gravy. Severe alternative. Master painter. Leviticus. Judaea. Blew something out of the water. Feel like we both going to appreciate that pinch.

Brother and Brutality — [card draw]

[¤] Brother

[†] Brutality

Your daddy’s elaborant to me. And God to do this thing—open it. Joint confusion. Going to get my Pella’s’ on accident. And plenty of no big deals. Naino. Whoa oh oah singing the lights down low low. A dialogue between the spirit.

‘Hope’ 1886, George Frederic Watts [b.1817-d.1904]
‘Hope sitting on a globe, with bandaged eyes playing on a lyre which has all the strings broken but one out of which poor little tinkle she is trying to get all the music possible, listening with all her might to the little sound—do you like the idea? George Frederic Watts in a letter to his friend Madeline Wyndham, December 1885′


Song like Andy + female given birth. | Andy: ‘manlikeorbrave

Going to get my Pella’s’ on accident. | Pella: ‘stone‘ / ‘boulder, cliff‘ / rock, rocky ledge, ridge‘ / ‘mountain‘ / ‘marvel of God‘ — American window and door manufacturing company – feminization of Peter‘ – Ancient city of Greek Macedonia birthplace of Alexander the GreatStory ofFlight to Pella‘ [commentary]: The people of the Church in Jerusalem were commanded by an oracle given by revelation before the war to those in the city who were worthy of it to depart and dwell in one of the cities of Perea which they called Pella. To it those who believed on Christ traveled from Jerusalem, so that when holy men had altogether deserted the royal capital of the Jews and the whole land of Judaea…” –Eusebius of Caesarea, Greek Historian [b.260265d.339340]