You were the definition of 16 Wolves

The way he predicts


his Angel Coming

I read by 16 too.


Kissing the Garden~

Not a damn person rushes time.

Over the drama

and being the biggest fan

of the Bride



—Shadow of the World Pretense—

Fully & Well Decorated~


Star past your Integrity.

I feel like if you don’t unveil

your Christ Conscious…

When I was 12

I was barely related

to you


I am just asking myself if I’m Liberated.

You were

the definition of

16 Wolves

Recently purchased ceramic from an Asian grocery store when I worked out of town last month

Genius in High School–

only fallen in Love



Fractal ~ Wave

You don’t have

a Shelf big enough

to store all your Paints

For misunderstood

Rebel Trend


Rain is pouring down

the side the start


The Questions Endless~

In this Heart I can’t forsake me.


Our Country

Waterproof with a Rain

His Legs are always destroyed.

So mentally fucked up.


I was the Bachelorette

and you were behind me

to catch me

Best becoming~

Seriousing your experience

on the Energy


So hard to go Swimming

for others

Son of Suns.

We are going to

very simple Wall today,

can you handle that…


You just love extra Omegatily.

The Footprints to Heal~

We’re supposed to

look good the next day…

That’s not how it works

from a Heartache


Last year’s Rapport.

A College if I do something with it

Many human years to

College][Human development