To the Flames Oil & Eve {& a Handsome…}

To the Flames Oil & Eve

{& a Handsome…}

When we work,

we all fall in



You are Wealthy enough

to bring someone

on this Feast with you

Androgyny Signs

That is a

Moon Sign

The way

Love you

is safe


What an issue on our side.

Just when I need protection.

‘Cause I want to take

The Court of Paperwork


1 piece of Wood

Burning in the


His girl cuts off his interest

–Wife of Brother

Social Security Headquarter.


If so, get your Dog weird.

Liked by Air~

You’ve really been Bounty Set with Eyes.


Some Vision:

Some Royal Family’s Blood

{XXI} The World {Ethereal Visions Illuminated Tarot}

Does it come on most of the days

or none at all?

I see Clear now.


There are not many Toads alone to…

As long as you’re fine

being Snaked

in your Yard