All Virtual Backbends & Lilies


The Bald Guy

What make you

cheer up

about each other


The badass Muse

the rest of the week,

or Jesus

If I brought

all the Carpet

in the World

Jessica just ripped out

a single defect

of Single’s life


Me use Brother’s Wolf Blanket~

so I didn’t have to buy new one

he stayed at check out at Walmart

You’ve survived half the world

~Song {Ordinary World}






Street Kids–

just standing there

laughing in the Woods

I’m glad it’s quiet~ {sound}

To Spirit, to do

the Language & Poetry

Missed with some die

with some Pina Colada Workshop


Might wanting to fill his Core

Breath before you go

Billions on

Beastful Barracks

Genevas & Pennies.


Vine on the Leaves

& Beautiful Cut

Thinking it’s free food,

it’s still Pumpkinville

Tan ≈ was the Magic Eraser


Debating Sister.

If you built even more

Work on that

The Messages that you give off.



telling me what to do

It was already right

when it came to me

Jesus Write

I re-blew clues from

Victoria & you




does it smell

as happy as ever

It’s all about

The Nutrition & Sports


The World

is constantly trying to change

us liars

Diamond ◊ Flaws

I see these Fashions

in the Hood


Our Heart will guide us.

Wilder Progression~

I guess it’s time for you

to remember

what you spent in October



a hundred Bolts of Lighting

or more

It encourages me to defend myself.

Dreams & a Trash Can.


All Virtual Backbends

& Lilies


I’ll rebuild this House

In love with

Fire Dust

Virginia Sky~