I would see very Spiritually Restored

Sister Claw

Sharing Beautiful Gifts

from yourselves like others


That’s great, it has to be there


[Anvil’s going through process]

Your regular Library

when you’re

splitting Lighters

I swear

I see some

Oracle Image


It brought that level of,

I need to be here

[getting fired]

Having never explained

my process or notion before

No noise after Spirit Concept.


Chews off

something that works

Faith & its original meanings

A Scale is ready

but Black Water Tattoos are

Reaching, healing, changing

…Risking, healing, changing

& being healing


You were the First Year’s Blessings.

Last time he took his Clothes off

before getting dressed

~your Dad’s a Stripper

For Flowers & Bloom~

Your Online’s Trance


Someone’s sharing Pages with me.

Don’t take the World by debate.

Hot deals

but it’s about to get hotter


I would see very Spiritually Restored.

Everybody’s pretty secluded

—10 Lessons & a Crown—

I mean I don’t think

I have a question for any of them


Over consolation of


—Deliver Baby—

And, some with some condition.


Sun Witch Sister

& Witcher

Proper Vikings.

You already supported Elite.


Leave the Doorway off or the maximum Freewill.

I didn’t like seeing

dead Spiders

in corners [in bed]

Queen of the Increase

Ladies & Gentleman


I can’t play

when I’m not feeling


Be a liar

Play safe

So I have a reason

to be angry for this morning


Too much up against the Cup.

Others bring it over,

I’m not being

under enough

I’m the only one that

feeling weird right now

No reason to stir the Boat


I got on Nobody’s Stickers.

People are

overlooking the negative-

no one knows what to do

Mom has gotten a soft spot

for Sunner Beed with

10 Hearts


A lot of

Research & Dating