A Financial person via Tune Training

Reality TV shows

Boys that may help



I started an argument

on people



The most invaluable



Everyone forgot it was

‘Spear’s Birthday Nov. 6th

until I remembered


Buy Text.


With no Sugar Papa…

Light the way


Do you not have the ability

to put your soul

in someone else’s scrub


A defining insult.


Then I was

The Pass=Middle School


A Financial person

via Tune Training


{When you see}

My Plants are wrapped

in Chakras


[‘Spear’s] in person



Want to Retire

for anyone who’s

in my way


You can here

the heartbeat of

1 Child calls


Before Redboxed

this closed


Even if it’s just

the Monkey Bars

it’s not the worst

Monkey Bars



to string at

New Pictures


∞ A Cancer Legend ∞


But shhhh

find your Teacher


Just to occupy an Energy~


Gone that Witch


The 4 country acres I call home and own are a sanctuary~ have spent the past 2 nights in the city on a job… hence delays… paired with a freshly cracked screen on my 12 month old MacBook Air days ago now laid to rest… until all returns…