Remember when I bought those Chaps in the Northeast Land

I have to be able

to Draft




I don’t know

I don’t like her,

I don’t like her

–’Star’ passed away when pulled out of my driveway–
like she left immediately after, just before starting vehicle
{Cadillac Records Style} then curtain was trained out
and her laid upon ~white. she had a young boy
she was picking up from our house,
me shirtless][or completely naked-
I tried to be blocked from window viewing,
but she must have seen.
I grabbed 2 blue[berry], 2 peanut choc. chip, chips-
I wanted apple in bag but he had already
stepped out to pass along and
the kid wouldn’t of wanted an apple anyways.
Very ghostly.

After my Meadery-

can’t you find

the surface


Physically protect

my body & its soul


To the fuckin’ facts.




Not now is the time

[to look at Phone]



of Spaces


House of



My Kids will be there Kids

[It’s going to be a long time]


∞Today’s Energetics∞

Highly Arranged News

& Kicker Sports


I just didn’t pay attention

It was not God

–on staying Vigilant


[Select intrusion]


Oracle Cleanse

—Campfire Rehearsal—
Stadium Stage Arena
me express ability – some had questions
-most didn’t care-
main water break – rush to upper level apartment
to see flooded, went in with 2 armed people
but intruders were there-
I went in room and shimmied up fireplace
[we thought initially dog may have
drown inside from flood]
I had a hard time writing down Aubrey’s Arch
for people for it to be legible-
couldn’t find too much to write on either
then found printer paper,
me explained how it works pretty odd.
I write 2 songs from 10+ years ago
that were credible on America’s Got Talent
too poor of quality to translate-
I have an unshared selection
of writings to read][go through-
me break up from church
with Cheryl Burke & Faith before
they say I can do whatever I want

I don’t care

what my Boys look like

New & Clear


When paired with The Lover

Kids are virtually free

to grow themselves


He hasn’t seen us

or heard from us




followed by Moon

in gender


Hanic Kids

are kicking high–


They just almost

where together

& they scrapped


¤ A Greater Vision ¤


I tell

Fortune Cookie Signals

I tell precautious & a…


A massive fall out

of Writing

last year


Now give me 1 second

to love you


I don’t need it like that,

I just wanted a little extra support

bag for to-go food from

Chelsea’s Parents


Veneration– Sunday


Of course I’m going to

lead my Troop to Water~

I can’t [not] do that


I think I pick up

a Major Call


Think we got it now,

think we’re about to

put it in the Wash

~By little Girl, Cloth}{Blanket

that was spot cleaned

looking amazing


Why said

because of

this Language


This week

I’m going to make him



I’m going to step in.


Remember when

I bought those Chaps

in the Northeast Land


Find a different place

to represent life skills

Soda Shop


It all starts with you

and you may be supported


Preaches the area

of bad behavior


Every Girl

has to show who they are

inside of them