You don’t think he’s Holiday Handsome when he’s not handsome

Look I win everyday.


That’s a big deal.


The trigger starts here.


Have you gone to a Post Office yet?


Now Woman hit her.


See all you did

was press it down-

Settle down


You don’t think he’s

Holiday Handsome

when he’s not handsome


Gift Cards

& I have

Mystic Cards~


What about you

next to this

Elephant House


—True Power—



different thoughts

of Wisdom


This is going to be

one of the best weeks

of your life


Have all these plans

that can be options

for you







[“The conch shell is a spiritual symbol that has been used in many cultures throughout history. Together with the circle and the spiral, it is perhaps one of the oldest symbols used for esoteric wisdom.“]


So far behind.


Wine from 4 females

in their group celebration and friendship~

one, she offered and insisted even though it wasn’t 6 o’clock yet

{I drank last sip in my glass bottle to make room for offering}

the Dark Red Wine with a cracked glass spout,

spewed out with a great force

due to her thumbs|finger|hands directing the pressure

~my Husband was there beside me almost holding our bottle with me

so close to my face, I thought it would explode

from the pressure and shard impale me



To Bear, To Carry

pulling out all the stops-

me trying to duck][low key in Gladiator

when driving by there [even though was here]


Jesse going on Bridge with Ladder-

would have been no obstacle

with Ladder


I like Tame Bright

Tame Circulation



this area into

High Thought


I’m on my Feet

and Dennistown

[“Dennis: The name came from Dionysus, the Greek god of ecstatic states, particularly those produced by wine, which is sometimes said to be derived from the Greek Dios {Διός, “of Zeus} and Nysos or Nysa {Νῦσα}, where the young god was raised. Dionysus {or Dionysos; also known as Bacchus in Roman mythology and associated with the Italic Liber}, the Thracian god of wine, represents not only the intoxicating power of wine, but also its social and beneficent influences. He is viewed as the promoter of civilization, a lawgiver, and lover of peaceas well as the patron deity of both agriculture and the theater.“]


The Kids

they had me Yellow

but it had to investigate

by people