If you have to be quiet to be Whole~ thank you for your Shape

Just have to hold your Breath.

He sound like French Toast Stick.

Greg is not listening to me.

[Greg: “swift, quick,” while “watchful, alert”/”vigilant”[Greek] | “flock” or “herd”[Latin]

Her & Venus

went to stay


1 too many Pills or something.

Such a nice day out~

2 of the Deer

near Park Water

I got the Keys~ I’m capable

I already told Dad we were

going to play


[Jimmy: 1.] “burglar’s crowbar”, “force open [a window or door] with a jimmy
2.] “to follow/to supplant”]

You happy with it

Let’s go Home early

Giving you Life


Looking for a Partnership of some sorts.

It’s these first time

Home Buyers

So dry dry-out time

3 or 4 in the morning

Vassive Suite of the Heart.

We were all about

to get in the Shower together

after this one

We needed to ask permission.

All that Shower’s

able to gather

collected from August

Terrified for Brother to come, no extra.

I’m feeling really sensitive~

$600 Inventory.

Safety Film

isn’t always

an option

[Us stole a few areas from House]

This manifestation’s a wreck.

I put off the dates of August right.

I’m balanced

The Scales of Justice

It was Electronic.

The only reason

don’t want to mint with

a politician…

It’s all about Truthful-ness.

Magnetic Response.

Message for you~

It was Friday night.

Didn’t press down hard enough.

Hottest thing

you ever had in your life~

I understand that

~Woman with
decorative cloth piece
on Head

Let me get your Number.

Let’s break it down right now

let’s schedule it

A new Financial Medium.

I’ll take the Shower,

you don’t need the Table

Tune into the Whispers~

{Feeling pretty lit}

with my internal world

& my life

If anyone fights the Liberal Agenda…

We are a Conservative Nation.

Well don’t just lost my Truck Key

-me accidentally kick it out

of][under range

A lot of people that should have a Fever.

Good Shot Judy.

Very Aligned, Very Generous~

So trust me how it’s going

I don’t know

A lot of variations.

Me took Plant

from female][male Home

-wasn’t mine-

I tried to not have them notice


Incredible Opportunity.



the Moon

She don’t care

if it’s night,


[Vardr: “watcher” or “caretaker“]

Stand with it.

Slave Technique.

Weirdly in sync with one another~

Everyone to say thanks.




The Height & The Width


Modern Men & Angels

I’m not confident

nice little Lunch Break

As in joke of celebration.

I’m taking it really the strongest.

World War III

Those 2 Men


Her confidence won’t notice this time.

Watch that Video 1 more time.



the earliest 2 stages

Although if I had another bundle

get me 1,000

I have to continue giving what I wish to receive.

Different Animals

censor [tissues][issues]

[ Inside Edition ]

And I have a huge Heart.


Dropped into a couple trances

I’m not into it


I don’t know, that’s just me talking.

Retire early.


here are in the Freezer

here which I can withdraw

That’s what happens when you lose control.

Divine ∞ Rapture

Talking about making a living here

Prophetable in every sense


Take your time with it.

{This is getting really difficult with diet between meltdowns}

Kinda trying to explore more.

Could buy it right out

but we’re not going to do that

because we have bills to pay


You’re like the devil to me,

you are so weird

–to Husband

Venus in Libra~

offer everything I bear apparent

Pretty Mom & Sister.

Lead me astray~

Ran her shit on me

-I didn’t tell anybody this

but I loved her

To Bear, To Carry

Had to move one night to make it feasible.

Just who we are as people

we don’t do this

-drag it out when Monday

should be made



Shaped our circumstances.

You have an



Against all odds.

It was a wild try~


I’ve never seen

so many riding~

[Into the Night]

I just work at

Combos to…

But I always got bad of the problem.

Just desperately order them.

Jesus Coat

was caught

in between

[Taliban] Who wishing

all autistic people talk shit

Trying to stay Home.

Oh gosh this is heavy

I can only do 1 load

at a time

The Hospital…

Thanks for stopping.

The Lion’s

Pink Powerful Place

Saudi Arabia’s got a girl living there.

It’s not supermodel glory.




If you have to be

quiet to be Whole~

thank you for

your Shape


The Moon’s


I never leave any Job.

You have to keep

jestering yourself

to be famous

He’s doing

King’s Dominion


My path could never ask that of me

have to be open to understanding

at the deepest level

–on organized religion


The Balance Team

∞ Wolves ∞

Angel Bird & Seeds

got into it

They haven’t sued negative stuff.

My best friend wouldn’t stay with me.

How do you perceive your

~Angel Writings~

Common Law.

Slash/ -other people at the end.

My Husbands are not as he really thinks…