Writing Planchette, it’s like a Doom Town answer

I’m going to help you out.



I don’t even go looking for them anymore.


they don’t have

very good reputations

You’re not a ~†attoo Artist~

That’s exactly what just happened to me.

A broken



But I’ve eaten it up

every time you stop and think

about it


My name is Eva

we need space

right now

Half the Employees are closed.

As bribe to any extreme.



They’re some force between




A Dad trying to be hard with his emotions.

Between Cookies

Her mean Cookies

$1 a pack

I have a Cookie

for your Message

I’ve grounded to a lot.



you want me protected

by your Owner

With that dark of a solution.

Looks dusty up there

I’m disappointed

Best week of my life

I’m not like

33 anymore

Major Commitment.

[She’s] not fucking around.

Will of the Divine.

Let’s just

go out there

and take a look

All consuming.

—Statement Piece—

This is Gold.

 Today was so negligent.


this is your


With all my Heart.

Channeling Angels in a New Age.

Thank you~


their Name

for this

The half smile.

I am a Trance Channeler

Not a Teacher

From the bottom

of my Heart


I wear something up my Sleeve.

Kissing Spa

would you like me to

hold the Door…

20,000 in your Pocket.

I don’t need

to feel like that

when I’m Tinting

Peak Arosion.

Make yourself

look like an


10:30 sounds better,

that’s what our

1 o’clock is

Took matters into your own hands.

What the fuck world is that…

Terrified of rubbing together.

Demanding for the minute.

“This is

my idea of fun,

Playing Video


Writing Planchette

it’s like a Doom Town


Common sense.

Last week I took my 12 year old to Lunch.


Would you

invite me

to do



If I looked true of it show me how.

The Duck in

11:20’s Mastery

The Spirits have your own Destiny.

Angel Writings from her Divine.

My Rooms

are hanging

around the corner

Do all things thinkfully.

Can trigger painful memory in…

There are Angels, we write to find peace.

Reefer madness.

World played you for a fool.

Now it’s Friday support.

VENUSday {Vendredi, Viernes} ~ Friday relates to Freya. The Norse Goddess Freya gave Friday its name. She is the equivalent of VENUS / Aphrodite, goddess of beauty, attraction, erotic pleasures, and art. The Romans called the 6th day of the week ‘De Veneris’ {belonging to VENUS} which became Venerdi in Italian, Viernes in Spanish, and Vendredi in French. {source: Melanie’s Astro~News}”


Venus in Libra in her sacred waters~