We Match, can’t match at all the Historical Triangles

Blow it up.

Why can’t I deal with feelings.

Rest well sweet


In the most Picturesque way.

Vardr}{Wolf Dog

running to front

of property

She’s looking

at that Table




Sloppy eating habits.

I’m sleeping right now, this is why.

The Angel’s bidding.

Our Passenger Seat~



is he available…

Not now, he’s in

his Tomb

Contract Sally.

Well this is awesome,

it’s so good

to see everyone

How this warms,

develops naturally~

Strengthen the Memory Code.

Granddad “Dark, Swarthy“,

me walk in

him ask for Water,

him hug Husband and me,

he was working outside on Porch-

had Water in my hand but was drinking it-

grabbed him new one from pack- he was almost

too thirsty to hug me before drinking-

he touched me in an intimate way [platonic]

Brother put out Fire

in his old room after me call for him~

New Fire Extinguishers

Spear upset at me bad.

Upper Body Strength.



I want the highest good,

I want to learn what

the height and good is

Lay it down unadultered.

We don’t celebrate it till tomorrow.

Daughtry ~ No Surprise

 Your Dad

just didn’t know



we are here

Page Martin.

Morning ∞ Routine

People are going to follow you.

Have a little bit

of Clarity

~break from fog

Memory Code~


One there

in a new

Studio Room

We Match

can’t match at all

the Historical Triangles

~Angel~ Writings

We’re going to have to let you go~

It is not about me.

Most notably you.

{Trying to flaunt}

the Georgia-Flordia line

River run~

Be more direct.

[Something to say]

Wall of Service

And that I feel okay when I’m with you.


Tombs &

Tombs &

Tombs &


Be more respectful of you. –Husband

So if I place this

on this Paper

in here

I like it better~ it’s cool

Nice Storage

Eye Candy

[then Nail {vision} on ground laying]

Are you nervous today?

Not at all

I mean I’m nervous today

 Clean my Resume up.

[XPlace this on PaperX]

I didn’t look like

a Tombstone


the living and the dead

[Book I opened to]

between in 2 sections

Not a road block.

I was

the guy

who was




If you want to

call it a


 It’s the Weather

The Pure Weather

of August

I didn’t look good,

like I looked really ugly ascetically-

lip busted, me worn from work

Spear pointed out

I think we’re strong enough to handle [it]

I think when I taught there,

I’m a little


My idea of fun.

Rip you to shreds.

What is wrong with you


when you Marry me

I’m not under

the abuse of

the Catholic Church

[Anvil] [Working without Protector]

A growing old.

The abuse of the Catholic Church.

So that you can’t miss anything else.

I hear that chance I get every time…

Constant Surveillance.

Asian laughing

{white powder face}


Flip into Earnings.

But hold up woah

I do want her


Do you think it’s not necessary to dilute it?

Everyone’s super excited.

World Code.

[Show us]

Back it up

My most Ticketed Prize Possession.

Very pissed about a very last fight.

We’re going to just

bring in a roll


Brain decision.


Vital terms of conditioning.

Built your Footsteps

in the middle of

the Nursing Home

Don’t worry about weed at all,

we got enough

~Local Musician

I had to use that plug.

You really just need to

wake up and look at

the Finances

Made her a Necklace of Disgrace.

And swim with it~

You didn’t want it did you.

I didn’t know

I had you in the Office right now

Compiled trances ∞ Multidimensional

If I believe someone with Romantic Maturity.

I would like a message from God

Oh, does that

come with pretense…

Got the License Plate

I there

My name is Brandyn Robertson

It broke him so hard. –To Bear, To Carry

I’m giving you your definition of trust.

Politics are super high tonight.

Eat Pray Love [Read]

It hurts me so badly inside.

She likes drilling everybody

She tries to let ‘em down

Badge Child.

Am I supposed to do anything else?

The Night of Trances

[they were]

It sure is a sad Jesse

got his own place

got his own space

not sad to Jesse

That’s special & kind.

Plotting interrupted practices.

The man still love him.

The Heat of the Storm

—Meditation Statue—

Slip of the Wrist~