Angel Guide~ Wearing Candles in front of you

More refundable.

Around other people too much.

You take your Money for granted it seems.


You want people to think

you’re a Cook in

~Los Angeles~


Silver Spoon up her ass.

Order somebody who is Richer.

Get real

Come sit with me

That looks real

Gather Tooth and Nail.

I’m not guilty this time.

You’re Smoking

makes me

work a bunch

Angel Guide~

Wearing Candles

in front of you

I was standing there

talking to her

She knows how I’m feeling

~†attoo Artist~

I like it, I like it, I like it a lot.

Go somewhere else

Exactly that is the point

They are constantly

hanging out

with each other





From Europe

not going to ~ 

mutual reception

You’re a Generation set in Stone.

What else about your Kingdom?

It might be the Drug Dealer Cops

because of

Homeland Security

Plug yourself in.

Let me give you an answer

It’s not a question

Once I hope and say hey.

Breathing heavy.

You bring the Candles

don’t like it

We just bought a House to close the window.

Who put on weight since she been there…

Justify being alone.

Vocal Skills.


that would be fantastic,

that would be hateful

Had to run from it

because I can demand it

at any time

Maybe I’ll let you know how it feels.

You’re not wearing a mask anymore.


He’s not coming by chance.

Oh she’s schizophrenic.

Just you 2 or naturally do this…

Take Jesse’ off the Crest.

This is the right to own a Car.

1 sec.

nothing seems

blank in here

All my Sisters have a hangover.


‘Wiktionary: Etymology: From Powhatan rawrenock [things rubbed smooth by hand]’

Minus pay relief.