Limit myself with all possibilities and Irons

What is that Noise?

Couldn’t afford

to Camp alone


You bring

The Twilight Zone

I need your excuses.

Food Lion right near

Queen’s][King’s Lake

He was going to do with it a lot more than we were.

Are you upset with not giving me freedom? –Husband

I never know how legitimate it’s going to be.

Ivy League School.

Do you think the heat kills a lot of Cats?

I’ve starved

other people that do,

I promise you

Dating your Sister.

I’m very generous

with the people

around me

Dog tugging

the Homework

in a tug of war

with human


Dad wouldn’t even let me Promote.

Now we get excited

who we find out

the other Finalist

Got some good stuff around here…

it always is.

How do I explain this?

You become a First Woman.

Next Level Radiance.

Kell coming to play.

It has no rhyme}{rare or reason.

~Writings from

within & without

Put on a Civil War.

I know what’s my thoughts

and what’s not {writings}

And I know how your own thoughts

influence {energy}

I need my Piano

to think

{in same room}

Limit myself

with all possibilities

and Irons

{We can}

Watch that

Moon Balance Show

Robin Williams has left the building.

I have nothing to give you.

Former Boss

This legit could not get cold.

Either you have the Knowing or you don’t.

I take it back, I just a second.

Instant satisfaction.

Traffic in RVA,

bumper to bumper-

someone hit person

on Bike with Baby][Kid


I had to go to Thrift Store.

This is precisely an Angel Message.

The Revel of the Sea~


Do you want

to listen to tell?

Only Competition there is.

I overheard.

It’s Multi-Original.

Phone Application.

Busy Highway.