When 2 Words Become 1

Have you ever coped and lived a lie
Scared and hide all that’s inside
Ultimate truth divine divides you
All that separates must unite you
Have you ever lost all that’s dear
forward years and now took for granted
the stability and the road course steered
As you forgot where you were
Now you have everything and still want more
Amore, Amore, will you ever be happy
Can you appreciate the progress made
without taking leaps & bounds into the future parade
Can you facilitate a well organized proceed to accommodate
without getting stuck on the notion it’s all or fate
The Universe is asking to appreciate
your wild unconditioned soul of Gold & Slate
It’s asking that you weigh the fact
you’re unwilling to stretch beyond the known intact
If you can only grasp the beauty
and delectable strings attached
Fuse into love the centered above
Emerge a sincere soul-lit Dove
When 2 words become 1