Waking Beauty

I’m like a day of my dream
held so high in the clouds of me
armored in array of wholeness unity
to have your own sub-cloud is dense
so I awoke with great measure to listen in
depth is still the building lessons of experience
take a raw dream into my comforts to adhere to this

Photo on 2014-06-18 at 10.24


10 thoughts on “Waking Beauty

      1. True words. I don’t bullshit. If ever you find yourself in British Columbia on Vancouver Island anytime you are more than welcome to stay with my partner and I. I forgot to mention that before when you said you wanted to visit Canada

    1. I wanted to thank you for sharing your heart and work Joe. I hope you know your story is incredible and how truly thankful I am for your friendship. You’re a gift and I love your writings

  1. Whether beauty wakes of the day or night, it’s her dance between light and shade, the way she colours her moments at rest or play, each new time she awakes, let her be those places her lips, her voice, sing without any fear or shame, about her tales of beauty and her stories of grace…

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