Fully Beautiful, Fully Owned

Mental issues

Don’t we all

If we all got diagnosed

Won’t we fall

Into categories of crazy

Half insane or maybe

Just some sort of

off kilter beat

It’s not just me

who’s schizophrenic

As your psychosis

surely shows

Bipolar we all know

Off the richter

goodness folds

In of our mental diseases

As genius fully glows


Waking Beauty

I’m like a day of my dream
held so high in the clouds of me
armored in array of wholeness unity
to have your own sub-cloud is dense
so I awoke with great measure to listen in
depth is still the building lessons of experience
take a raw dream into my comforts to adhere to this

Photo on 2014-06-18 at 10.24


Warm & Prestige

Her passion is contagious

Her beauty is outrageous

A dime a dozen she is not

She applauds the show

As she innately knows

The source of the force within

The massive love overflowing that extends

The joy of men is her inspiration and friend

Oneness abound, love lit and found

Union, heart of crown