Mad Hatter

“Everyone’s lost their mind!”

Chill out, don’t be so confined

“Your left brain is insane, no rationality to claim

But your right side’s brisk and wide”

Imparted and free, massive strands of diversity

“Oh I see, you’ve lost it grand”

Exactly, torn the veil, my mind overtook

me taking me there

13 thoughts on “Mad Hatter

    1. Thank you very much, Light! Always been right handed with ineligible penmanship… lol. 😉
      How about you? It is fascinating how that links with our brain hemispheres…

      1. Ah, I think not, your right works better than mine! 🙂
        Minority – yes..blessed? – not so much. Ask my bench-mates at school and how I almost got jailed for nudging them 500 times a day! Ahahaha XD

      2. Oh snap, haha 😀
        …well I teeter on each side ever so randomly, lol. I take it we are all a grand melting pot of left & right spontaneity!

        The other day was one of those omg/wtf days… and speaking of extremes this fits well with the theme…
        This was one that was just going to stay in the notebook but here goes it anyways…

        I thought I almost lost my mind today
        I’m far from perfect I just have to say
        I shifted extremes, so much so like a dream
        It was hard to decipher what was real
        I thought I was dying, yet still I intently feel

        …a prime example of the pendulum swing 😉 😛

      3. Hahaha, I’d say that a swinging pendulum is better than a stagnant one! That’s what I feel when I sometimes decide to read all my poetry at once and go – “Well, aren’t these all the same?” 😛

        That short verse, indeed is a fabulous example of a beautiful mind – I shifted extremes, so much so like a dream – see? this line says it all, doesn’t it! I’m really glad you shared it! 🙂 ❤
        All I do in my notebook is write a word, then write my name in all possible ways I can; and think myself to be a calligrapher – oh boy, only the right half of my brain works and to speak of the left half – Who knows how I became an engineer! No wonder I quit my job. 😉 XD
        I love Math though. ❤

      4. So true… it’s better than no swing at all 😀
        And thank you for your strengthening words!
        That is right, you’re an engineer… now I recall that skillful detail of yours 😉 that is one trade that requires a fabulous mind!! Much love and peace your way. ❤

      5. AHAHAHA, ‘Skillful’ XD
        It does require a creative mind…or else one can always slack off in offices drinking coffee and hating coffee, still drinking coffee – ah the strange old days. 😛
        Much love and many hugs, A! ❤

  1. Wonderful Aubrey. I’ve been thinking for the past few months about how humans are such extremists. We seem to have a difficult time being balanced. This poem makes me think of that. Being extreme left or extreme right. I want to find that balance, although it can be tough.

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