Genuine Spirit Life

I love myself so much

I can hardly stand it

There, I said it

I am in love with myself

Tell me how this is wrong

Give me an alternative

I have to sing a song

I do not hate, for that’s

a harsh debate

I search my heart

I find inside


in mine

I love you


I love me

2 thoughts on “Genuine Spirit Life

  1. Sing it loud!!! 🙂 We are taught it seems, that self love is wrong and that self-ish-ness is somehow bad. While I think that teaching is deliberate and is used to support a particular agenda, I won’t comment on it. But it does establish a hall of mirrors that separates ourselves from ourselves and creates a being who looks to the external for meaning and direction. We yearn, we know but are taught not to listen to our Soul’s calling. She is though, most relentless in her need to be known. And there can be must pain to endure in the turning from the Other and beginning to learn to listen. There is enough truth in the incantation that it seems right on some level. Something indeed needs to die but it is the false self which capitulates to the Other that keeps us trapped in a walking death. Finding our own unique Groove seems to me to be our Soul’s task.

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