Tonight I Have 16 Hundred Thousand Friends

I can’t stop seeing angels

They catch me when I fall


They come and I didn’t even call

They must have known their brethren’s heart


This is what friends do


They surround you in an effervescent truth

They’ve helped me, I’d say I’ve helped them too


A give and take of beauty, a divine duty

A fruitful mission of a heavenly position


Tonight I have 16 hundred thousand friends

6 thoughts on “Tonight I Have 16 Hundred Thousand Friends

  1. I’m totally feeling this the past few days as well, like one of those periods in which there are so many caring people out there on the same wavelength you think … there MUST be a few invisible ones involved in this too. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming. I’m starting to think it’s all about attitude and being open to the good that is always there – if we have eyes and a heart to see it. Thanks so much!

    1. I definitely agree. More than ever I am realizing the divine timing in all and its precision. It seems everything is laid out for beauty if we hone the correct perspective and like you said it’s always there if we have the eyes and heart to see it. Thank you for your words!

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