The Remedy That Remedy Thing You Do

There is still so much I would like to say

Through meditation and praise I will find a way

Wholeheartedness is the key

Pay heed to your authenticity

Burn bright and never fade

Your life is limited by the structure of your brain

Your measure of insight to what you can accomplish or claim

Is based on your spark, that internal mark we call heart

If no one knew your name, what kind of lead would you proceed to deliver?

If today were your last day would you have anything else left to leave over?

What a shame it has been, that former brethren shrunk to kin

Dismissing their call in order to please the crowd on a whim

If I make no sense then make your own

If I offend you then mimic the clone

Proper deeds to match my internal wheel is the route I will grace

Forever immersed coming into my divine fate of echoed elation transmuted through faith


~May courage and strength bless your natural state of expression~