Just a Climber at Birth

So this brought me here, away

No soul to seek, yet that of my own

Which is everything

They say a heart withers when separated

But my Love, we formed in unity never flitter far

As my union to thee expands in the air

Every breath I breathe is a rainbow banner of release

My soul only begins to reclaim its natural state

When adversaries no longer rule my corner

In full alert, I dream dreams of you

Always navigating through the rummage

Never falling as it’s you I covet

We know by now heaven’s gates are right here

No separation exists, where is your key?

It is I whose always knelt before you

In that is my way

To unlock all before me

A trial of a shallow grave

Never mine to endure

As you and I have always had a marriage

A carriage is this, that we combine what is necessary

And we reach in those what is predatory

To become united in love

One is all from up above

Truly engulfed in your line of fire

Breathing yuletides of a foreign nature

To cover all quarters

We knew this before you had a thought

That Sophia would tuck the drop

And this is yours to endure

Never alone as we indent your lively imprint