3 thoughts on “I Got Torched By The Sky On A Warm Sunday

  1. Your writing is amazing Aubrey. You keep listening for what God has in store for you, and listen ONLY to Him. Never let the demons inside (or outside) falter your true path. Keep on going in THIS life until your TRUE appointed time to leave. Don’t let the Evil One bring you to despair but see the Light and know your true destiny on this earth. Keep going, girl… press on, for there is much to be won. You have much to say and much to offer. Press on, girlfriend … press on.

    1. Thank you so much for your encouraging response… as it really means a lot. This is my Heart, my True Soul… never to let the ill force consume me, as God gifted the fore-verse to me: “and you know this is only a demon possessing the weakest thoughts in you”, therefore I hold in my knowing that all is won. Let us speak boldly! Continued Blessings on your journey, sister.

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