The Arched Dialogue of an Oracle’s Virtue

How big is this book

and who wrote these words?

Is it only for me

or is it the book of the Universe?

Where did this come from

and why has it chose me?

Chosen indeed, while many are

 the realms of full fledged Alchemy

Endless messages cast in an internal shrine

As I follow line by line

This Arched Dialogue from the crevasses of time

Illuminates my foreground, highlights an ancient time

History prepared, what is to come is also there

As my subconscious is sparked, fully aware

Calmly gliding, verse by verse

A prophetic tongue is dually immersed

These senses set me straight

As I correlate this is all to relate

To the pulse in me, to the pulse in you

To the Exquisite Power

Birthed in every natural pursuit

I hold this torch, kindled by my Source

My Highest Self deems this is everything

A Complete Circle, an Oracle’s Virtue