Soul’s Niche

The verse in these words

convey my dynasty

My beliefs, my disciplines

must speak with me

My heart does not agree

to ingest another’s mortality

My niche of morality adheres

to a vegan pedigree

4 years soul deep

Compassionate teeth

Never will I see meat

This is my belief, I will speak

Alcohol is not my pension

Never has that’s why I’ll mention

5 years abstinence, not a day do

I wish for this, I drink of a finery

within a Nectar’s Leaf

Sans the hard release

Again my discipline

Which leads into my true revenge

Again I’ll speak another defense

Who do I offend?

Television, social schemes

Inflation of a shrunken dream

Shrinks my landscape to void of scene

5 years past, cable screen

Never to recite within

Mainstream propaganda

to make soul cringe

My beliefs, my disciplines

Does one need to pretend

What really moves within

Or does your tone speak

Does your essence leak

Do you reverberate a reek

Do these words make you think

What offends you if I speak

Are you caring enough

to own your peace?

Where is your piece

Is it within your belief

Do your disciplines

reflect your preach

Who are you

if you do not teach

What moves your soul

to Higher Niche