I Dream Of What’s Good In A Man

The Gift

of pure intent

Life Force creativeness

Communion, community


Hearts of men in union

this is what I live for, give my all to this

Dreaming of a time we breathe amidst

one another fully clothed

uncovered draped

in holiness


8 thoughts on “I Dream Of What’s Good In A Man

  1. the souls used 7 souls in the world, there is

    who is looking for her she finds also,.

    What due to a coincidence of better than appointment

    they are one of many the same on our world

    they say it almost immediately. what they feel

    what they are thinking in different languages

    everywhere where are they

    This is true whether it male or female plus minus effect but one


    and think possible way right

    love and live the same way they are

    any where they are found also who it takes long

    the souls related people commemorate their is without limits.

    the good because the against part

    Hoping to find

    so it’s not alone as you think

    you search the same.


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