To reach the bottom of her conclusion heart

It’s simple – but it’s proven. Worry for less. Culinary questioning. Waiting was the only game I’m used to.

Sabotage are just a genuine intuition. This has been like this for a long time.

Spiritually wrapped around your finger. In the beginning though.

Made the angel work complete.

I’m always up for a challenge – pig girl was warning.

I’ll be quick when the Eras start over.

Me … in something twice schedule wise. ‘Like an American…oh who whoo oh hoo hoo a ho…you make me crazy you make me wild…like a baby…spin me ’round like a child‘.

Your platform area is huge – just so huge everyone can dance too –Taylor Swift stage.

Crash and burn – beating his dick to you. Pinocchio. I wake in 2-3 without liver on the brain –guy. 15% or less employment rate. Rearranging furniture leaving messages – Girl out with friends = accepting—rearrange furniture. My writing doing good. Sister tranced a whole night for me recently → do I credit her?

To reach the bottom of her conclusion heart.

Don’t do as much work as we do. Oh do you get my reel. Oh do you get my real. Wife – Brother asking on our rates—50,000 – that’s a lifetime. Got some cosmic truth coming alive. Grateful pitch at a cross pitch. Got off tour bus → … the bus with older lady → we were leaving ∴ .

The adventures of Man and Brandyn Robertson.

Witch dreams. Which dreams.

Slamming the door in your face.

I didn’t have the heart – I didn’t have the condition.

2X4. Well organized.

My heart comes from my anger towards the situation.

Genie in a bottle. –Vision…[smoke rising]. He’s got big bowls of cat food. My intuition rages. Viewer discretion advised. Brandyn, did you stop somebody from going away long. Lost interest in it. Oh yeah we’re very long—she ate short soon. Are you back on here to offend someone. Gave it up. [Songs] from 3 remembers from Julia Stone. Soft but he’s the cure for all the time. Remade with … . Dire need.

If you’re hot and grab it don’t ask for the air flow.

I moved away in August journey. I am fit. I am infinite.

Homer. Bonding. Dynamic power you always explore.

I had always/want to go in the monkey store. Wake up dead. Help your year stash up. Being fat is one of the worst character traits. Kiss my ass and kiss Arlie’s ass. British empire.

Instead of going on the group bus → I went back and bought these heart stone earrings that were $15 [cashier said so] which I purchased others at first → I found my way back to store in CW with other lady → then earrings were $26 – and I on principle I asked if they could honor the once spoken – they gathered and said their company doesn’t/can’t afford to do that. I didn’t get them and proceeded to my vehicle – lost the lady with me on the way → ∴ .

A first personal training degree.

Strapped. Bootstrapped. Homer’s fate.

Please don’t make them shut down.

Instigate. Formulate. McCook, Nebraska.

May 14th, 2023