Expands just for me → and everyone…Neptune…Ocean. –vision

Expands just for me → and everyone…Neptune…Ocean. –vision.

You go into cabs 63 and then you go into arm rests. ←vision of turtle on puddle on my front body –ready for hydration.

Death cab for cutie. Imprint.


Income in relations to heroes. Woah to the thought of 5 friends.

By can addressing the royal Jesus.

She shouldn’t stick up for this unless she needs to be serious.

A level of compromise at the house. Ready, set, go. The next 30 days change my life. Icky sticky. The truth excites me.


Inner force and drive. In the middle with you. I keep waking up the same person. All the good work in my life.

My nose has been on to the grindstone and I have needed emotional support as have you – stand in our courage and love.

Hard time being productive now that you’re around.

Distraction overload ‘I don’t mind’. Patriarch. My love only grew stronger.

Guaranteed success. The best on the beach before the new coming.


Oh I love it and I was specifically sent –pink stretch/wrist wraps for Brother.

‘Cause that white room is how you do everything.

Woke up with a flood of visions.


Life is beautiful, you know it–

if you won’t be them

to refuse my love


There is today; may truly matter

Finish yours today