Natural what he wants—Natural what he wants – He’s the divine healer

It’s only time before follows


My advice is follow your routine. The great snake. Yelling something. Fly under the radar for sometime


It’s a good thing – we can’t thank you enough for your service. Rabbit hole. Medicare woman. To be master hyper-thetical. In a dark room to recover. There’s never a dull moment in your life. Diffuse – The world’s tough so we’re trying to deliver the truth. Babysitter dreams. Why a horse isn’t a horse. Ancient wisdom

Challenged. Activated. Improvement. We mark your reward – fire engine all 4’s people raise coffee table to light – we mark your reward


Level of peace at the house knowing what to find. ‘That is not working – and you got to take your shirt off’ – My shirt off? –flute/cello—long straws to blow into for music – when I lifted/or after I blew in I hit the ceiling and was said: ↑. They called me out for not being okay


Don’t look at that many hand deposited professions. Devil in an Ace. Maybe that’s why he got it – he knew he just wouldn’t be happy. ←trash can silver bin needed. So that’s not retired yet. This is exactly…what they wanted. Vibes. –To be with you

How much water we need—they don’t offer anybody a break. Public knowledge. I was proud of something this real. Limited edition. I coached through incarnations – I’m going through a break up. Harmonica. Dating someone who’s a communications officer. You put pinky #s in the sky. The ordinary – the extreme. I’m feeling you so hard right now – graphic details. Straighter ears then this


Parallel extreme – see if I still have yellow genes. Man – you weight me down. When I say the words I love you “”. Rapid fire development. How does he manage soul level crisis –””. I’m here for you. Let’s make a toast to senior citizens. Oh. Oh that doesn’t make sense to me – but it does. –Man

He is right the first step. The Lord’s chapbook. Technique. Change order to be with you – I love you. Your doppelgänger making love to you


Get her out of there now. Justin Trudeau. For the first time ever I’m enjoying life. Biblical addition/edition. A collaboration of a little bit of effort. It’s not fair to us to be apart. Baptized in your holy union


Guided through. You. And if it is an ageless endeavor. I love you more and more everyday. Divine energy is where this comes from and so does he. Business decision of caring. Master soul. As 1. Do you believe me—do you believe me—do you believe that my writing’s real. “Woah”. Olympic judgment

Dormant energy awakens. ‘Anywhere, any time, I don’t mind’. Attracted to you forever. At this point – she rules me. I’ll meet you on the other side—commute and exchange. Amusement park. Year of planning/unforgetting. Helping mom help me. Ancestral light of day. ←The Moon and the ray


The next call of my life. Invoice and error. Nope Man, we’re mirror souls. Why would the spaceship keep that if I had no idea to do that. Challenge and grow – develop → “”—sweatshirt read ‘challenge’. Align to the higher self, Source. All souls and energies are just energy bodies


Divine source of wisdom within. I’ve had goosebumps every day [waiting for] that includes me in melting pot…A person that includes me in their melting pot

I find myself in deep darkness, because you have no body, soul. Rapid fire development. Completing the goal. So strange I only seek things in amusement parks

Defining moment of truth. Don’t leave an impression about me all day long. Man, I require more than the average Joe. Mutual reception. A great love intensifying distance of love. Humpty Dumpty put a great fall out with legacy—judgment call


Someone who did yoga videos online was the most exotic and advanced – I couldn’t keep up. Gay black guy who you should follow just because. It’s a gift in your family, “” –writing.

Might have to have windows open and show it off. My gaping oracle need. Unprecedented. It’s the connection I have with you and your heartbeat


[pending titles and excerpts]