There’s a whole language called nightshift nurse

There’s a whole language called nightshift nurse

At times you get punished for doing the right thing and no one was big enough to see the big picture. They get paid this week as new. A very personal attention to detail. Cheyenne and Will. 100% sure → To the land of OZ → now that that’s behind us. [The truth is only available to those who hear] To the land of OZ → … . I waited to send. Now I have to scramble and make plans. This pulled the rug from under me. New path. A harmonic area for y’all.

Italian Jew and German Jew – think it’s enough to paint a picture.

That dark circle. Justin Bieber on the fan.

I died going to jail. I am just like a hero.

Out of my diet. Too complicated – too challenging.

I got my stand. My measuring license for Aubrey’s Arch.

Go out with my high heels on. My intentions are pure.

Hey Brandyn was really good.

I made up the real miracle.

It was an urban legend.

You will be Jack parent and lonely all the time.

Million dollar question is are you happy?…Yes.

You have some issues and shit. It’s easier to stay the same. I think you made a mistake. Defense mechanism secure.

Uriel’s ahead of me—Raphael’s behind me.


I am a star employee.

Sometimes it pays to be correct. And shut up. We know what happened. It looks newer, it looks shittier. And all my baby potatoes.

Became thunder and lightning.

Charge it to the application and be done with it.

I am so ingenious and ahead of my time.

I had the baby but it wasn’t there. Psychic witch is on point. Yeah but she really is – pretty close to nothing. Kids grinding fast on next disaster. These cleaners need to get their head out of their ass.

Total understanding of my new life now.

The other day I called him dream company.

Thor’s Hammer.

Nothing compared to. I hear you. For fucks sakes I just want things to be back in order. You don’t … . And if I get out off from the date so be it. That was a lucky point. –Shaman [card]. I’ve moved in alignment and truth. [False flag]. Disarming. Can anyone send me … –Man. This is the body of her great granddad –employee who sinned against. We never reach angels. Damn you, high views, high thinking. You know what I putted you through.

I was a manager when no one else would.

Done personally and professionally.

Each time was the spotlight on me, no.

I can just tell Manager’s not good around me.

Turn that witch into a warrior.

Adjust pain and replace it. Short change yourself. A few gap in it that aren’t perfect –Painting. ‘Pardon me the starlight starlight – I can feel your heart tonight‘. Put yourself in my mind, my life and my sensitivity. Eat every single day of her life. You can’t give someone more than your full heart. Before I leave, before I throw up at night. I love doing computer games with my daughter. No it’s redneck.

I messed up by not talking to her.

This is bad, she is right.

How much go across that marble. I turned it down.

Well the same as eagles but I still gotta run.

Putrid. Drugs and alcohol that other people do and it bothers me. I came as a gift and it was rejected. We all just have different standards. I wanted to come back for 2 years and this is what I got. I bet it’s going to be a revolution without me. I always demand more respect than was given. I always respect more… . Nothing outlast you. I get it, you are secular non-believers.

For some reason my heart will always be there.

I did everything I wanted to do.

From an NBA perspective – that’s kinda charging me in. Well that was the best time of my life coming back until it wasn’t.

My dream of you is complete.

There’s a whole language called nightshift nurse.

Antique shopping with husband. Favorite employee in the world. Lavender secrets will be lost. Steroid agreement.

I was nothing but a beautiful hardworker there. Alright I’m just going to map it in general. It’s a gamble, with her. Considering your stay—informal response. I am … .

How much your writing’s perfect as ever.

Employee walk the line on firing.

Front and center. There is something not solid about it – everything. Y’all don’t see the impact on me?…Do you. It’s invested a great deal. Do you get depressed it’s a ____. I got lost wages to deal with. London bridge is falling down – While — is what I’ve not wanted.

Remember to say throb as a subject or Thority | Someone’s talking to doctors and nurses to love all negativity cried | Our neurology is having our best nurses forward | We have a maid coming but we never know who the nurses are

April 2nd, 2023

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