[Don’t get anything from that new party] My guestbook is sufficient

Everywhere I go I need to run to. Words are abusive. Just to retire the situation. You might not be able to cope with it but people have different emotions you don’t know about. A strong center of awareness. Trips into their own mystery. Yes you saw all your mobile and dreams. Vision named cut.

The soul that opens up of a white Nigerian woman.

Daily heroism. Crazily dream like art. [Don’t get anything from that new party] My guestbook is sufficient. Remains are going to be charged together anyway. Happy book I want to keep you. From a burger–1 stone—From a beard–cornweave. Jersey Mike’s. Going indirect. Wakes up and thinks mentality. Now we can rise up in love. She covered it with a knife and a sword. Candlelight Estrada. Why are you doing this to me—sticker shock.

His Rosemary is withered in decline.

Wrap it. The most pleasing inner war world. Boo. Takes restraint. So my brother could face situations…[inner war world]. Once you’re doomed we’re fucked. Inspiring Aid. Jewish anytime catchups. Silhouette of Joss’s spirit cleaning up a bit. There’s a reason why I can’t. It only judges our character when it is realized. Open book concept…[12115]. Tell me what you can—show me what you are. Provey to be known significant. Deat cream. Any details of the greatest measure.

I’m so humble, I don’t even play my court cards right.

Can you help me?…[simple traffic infraction]. I didn’t address you when I left. Manage request. Yeah I definitely want to do the double and please everyone. No I can’t stop marking on my skin. Cloud blob. I have traveled upstream. Circles…Powered by trident. I never needed anyone’s help but my own. I am writing to save my life. Rupert in mind. Defy the goal.

The amount that he bursted into love.

Opportunities waiting for this. Your humble servant—Your pagan witch band. Alone free travel time. Really want to heal from my heart. As much as you’re willing to help me—I will take every ounce. Wotan, thank you for blessing our family. Blew my eyes what I got in my electricity. Infinity thank you. God I can’t get enough of your spirit. Salvation.

Amen of family’s heart Amen new start
[Penned from husband’s dream of wife singing]


Candlelight Estrada. | Estrada: ‘paved road’ / ‘stage’ / ‘platform’ /[art] variety’

Silhouette of Joss’s spirit cleaning up a bit. | Joss: ‘from deus [god], from deywos [god/that which belongs to heaven]‘A Chinese household divinity; a Chinese idol’ / ‘A heathen divinity’ / ‘luck’ / ‘a person of influence or importance’ / ‘foreman’