A heart goes from magic and I don’t mind –Melody, ‘Little Wonders’

In client agreements I trust. Hours, unwashed.

When other’s pain I can’t tolerate.

Michael Kors. Future posts were left—Future posts were right. …Sounds fun! Misfits. Go all the way with you. In the end is a backstroke. Can’t stand, to be corrected → in the end… . Your presence is needed.

I’ve never lost nuts, saved trees and had an agenda.

It’s a disconnect –Place. Whatever I can save. Ramifications. I surprised I lived a long movie. Slow dance Slow/blind dance. By his word. They’re all in the upper part of Florida. What I read from it is very moving –Paul Selig…book. Recrimination. On the gun.

Why I left with so much money in the first place.

Radiate the esteem. Crave-way.

Show me the love of God. These tissues come from… .

Besides black generation crystal. Psychedelic heat. Mandarin.

Off the message board.

Planning to divorce you. Loving kid.

That’s a perfect pinecone – pinecone tree like Christmas, all plain…Flat nose cones.

Starts with a kid and a man. Tetra.

Here is $10 for your future. ↔ Of the good work you will do. Galvanized pipe fitting. Birdsnest. So…lose my mind with this. Something tells me this is for the betterment of the doubt. This is for the benefit of the doubt. Proven… . Different diseases widing fences. Is 1 harty boy stuck in a romance with his wife. Studied income to TV. I’m trying to speak through the planet’s perspective. That’s ruined the vision →.

A heart goes from magic and I don’t mind –Melody, ‘Little Wonders’.

Here’s what’s he’s thinking. Cars – drivers – cats. Trust and intuitive guides. Try my fast heart. One day we were real careful to holt.

25° acre.

And I just wanted my hips blaring.

Crave seance and rested people | I want to every night around 30 and crave my world | Have always been lengthy or mirrors in the mirrors | As I walk down speakers to relay to all mirrors | Mirror ol’ mirror old me

March 4th, 2023

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