It can be almost 10,000 to change your name. It turned into a rock, it turned into a career

We’re doing an urban legendary please. Order those from home depot. Urban legendary here

Lose it like you love me. Sanderill sisters.

Dad, he’s all engaged with the Indians at this level.

Famous last words. Love your shadow.

Open ended questions. This cop for illusion.

There is a lonely rapture. Want me close to you.

Radiate them the esteem. Treaty. False narratives. They come with shareable thoughts. I plan to split the year. I found all the nutrients. Is this liquid laundry detergent. Yeah but if it’s in thrifts. Year moons. But Dog, soul and reptile.

I’m overdoing it on every end – my light smile as to why.

Overworked it with butter. Prison Song.

How are napkins dinner.

You’re a hardy girl –Woman baby [Woman and Man]. She was dead weighting it on couch.

Tell me the truth ’cause I just think we’re all made of energetic frequencies.


Let’s talk about it – let’s try things different ways.

Emotional surfer suffering.

The true years of vocabulary are gone.

Lost words are obsolete. I’d be treating engagement really hard. Mr. Natalie/Sallie USA.

Her love was Tracey who knew the truth.

To win the guilt of consciousness. We are here to support them be at your wedding. A good friend of John Butlers’ – is he Australian? Monogamy. Drake in RR, me close. 7 years. I trust my efforts. We have a big ass pool in our back – so how are we going to maintain it…–Multimillion dollar home for us we viewed. And we’ve been to the detective. Man deleting him and me on text–. This medical /coding/billing expert now → [maybe warning to me]. An intense work ethic. Plaguing any more fun. To hide your other emotions through. Kylee marks.

You’re suppose to lay down – find the peace that passes all understanding –Public.

Has all the accounts safe. They added someone who knew medical terminology/billing – coding. His cow twists there.

Learning to talk to stranger’s action.

3 hosts. Book that heart.

Will of the divine. To know yourself. Car value. 8000 some owed –me too. Other ways of writing to fall back on. Lead singer of the band. Prison food: Oh we got little fuckers if they’re not in the bathroom already. Pleasantly misunderstood. Palpitate. Logic. Short. ‘It matters to me’. ‘How can I make you say – it matters to me’.

It goes truly blue.

Too much stuff for my pockets → on side street picking up from man. Delorous. I want to start fresh and mentally clear my mind. Wagyu. It was something about me. Opening up–. A whole 2 acres. Cut short. Mental confusion.

We’re doing an urban legendary please.

Order those from home depot. Urban legendary here.

Wow that sounds expensive – that sounds fun…flan [says flynn?]…flint. Galvanized. This is aggravating – I can’t even take the cat anywhere.

It can be almost 10,000 to change your name.

It turned into a rock, it turned into a career.

Claim the kingdom. I’d of probably done 4 but you say I smoking like an elephant. There’s a whole accident thing there.

Do you not think that I’m here for her?

Get the gate. Give it half back.

Reading’s hard for everyone.

It’s a blessing to be strong.

A rising fireist at work

My right is a designer.

Excitement come together in 5 star review.

A rising fireist at work.

Thunder/lightning on porch, me careful to come in at right time. Me a little thicker. Me between 2 other people—actor like.

Heavens, my life has become this dance with you.

I’m looking for a resolution. Facing truths are uncomfortable. [Sewing kit in throw up of Dog]. The 9th is a patient[ed] and gifted. Coiled. They’ll be the gardway for a present lawyer. Pepperjack. Spark the motion. Your address is leaking. She is mad what 5’1” when I think of 5’2”. Radiate the esteem. My cabins are cyclone.

There are reflections…of you in the mirror actually.

Lady’s angels.

If we have wired this the wild things post. If they carefully knew informative people –Place.

We are awed – We are the exceptional ones.

Unification. Negative response people.

Finally have a Popeye.

Hearts decorated with public information. Identify me.

The criminal mystic of a 2 year old. Quit staying at home because I know I could get in trouble but stay in the neighborhood. Business insider → college. I need to be right where you are Doggy.

I’m locking myself in an emotional state. The mood of the millennium. Curses are a thing too. This isn’t real fixable

And trust is a superior. I had never kidney’ed real bad. Williams of acres past. Take that man out if he can’t do it himself –Man.

Telling him we have to change our living room.

Ready cool Brett change air. The back coat if not the exit. Defiance. Verify and crime scene. Was he interfering our program. We got to work for all beer of teacher. Don’t worry, I haven’t checked the underside of the toilet yet.

You can turn it on the dashboard.

To become call her by her name is to become brave.

I don’t see myself in it. Brittney Ann Myers. Till the father ended the divorce. Major in ultra damage.

I’m locking myself in an emotional state.

The mood of the millennium.

Curses are a thing too. This isn’t real fixable.

Swindle. I am the moisture group. It’s all over yourself when you lie to yourself –Spiritual growth and depth. I don’t see one that comes with it.

Take advantage of car tinting. I know what I do—I know exactly what I do –on writing. I don’t think the showerhead behind the curtain. Extra bunch of touchy individuals. [Eating sugar pretzels and chicken wings]. Doesn’t sound good and open enough for people. I have lost … ultimate surfer.

I set my authorization and balance.

We need to move away so we evolve and we don’t evil.

Don’t take care of the cannons –Man. Brass heat. Me throw yellow gummie at bank clerk…She see and toss back. I saw myself sitting at rust dinners. And it took for to figure out… . If you’re wrong – please invite me to your wedding. Not that you need to lick the butter. Quiet age for the wisdom. Last 4 hours on policy.

Oh no, my karma doesn’t get returned here, they’re breasts.

Woman looking up fake boobs at 2am, hers real but not. Me ask Kyle[r] P. to hand me 1 thing – he had no time for me, nevermind – he was at desk at computer.

You understand – there’s companies just doing a lot of them.

The right type, look, and personality.

Give it the comfort of a floor mat meal.

Not under his weather right now. Vibratory manner.

See you again in my dream. Soft spot.

No Brandyn I’m not a snob – I get things done very well. Chairman and CEO. Lifelong planner. I still didn’t feed ‘em. I’m not rescheduling my mammogram for nothing. Emotional healthy responses.

I kept coming back to innocence.

Ace of †s
Giving all we got – Laying by the pressure. You can tell which support he supported and released. Raven gave someone’s gate. Find out that my Spring and meeting. Young is in love with all her fire –was in love with all my fire. You’re in your own stars in heaven. Loud and meaningless. Mind were girdled and shoulders were stuck. The Sun doesn’t need anything but itself by itself. They have to wear their own money on their sleeve. And she said you’re forever mine. You don’t have to do that. Door’s unlocked with a few in the bag. Cry Baby [Song] Janis Joplin. {{except from 10-24-21}}

February 28th–March 2nd, 2023

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