Just report the goods because they’re kind of a Keeper’s keep. As long as 1 person will greet

Disco Ball Queen. Out phased. False independence. [America’s] Most reliable network. The other second of her people. This is my first time on video, so when it’s over – here it comes. Keep all this beautiful weather to yourselves. Rehash it. I barely made it 5 mins ago. And I think we’re all set on the mini course yet. Now I look woman.

Then a saying goodbye or a saying hello.

Tunnel and running mate. It’s empty – you have to hear.

Pink revolution – light revolution – what we got.

Anytime watches on Christmas cards. Milton Brown.

Another plain Jane stupid. Let me tell it in saga. Color coded.

This hangover against my dress. Garza. He’s verbally abusive to you.

I need to go get my phone – did you see it out there.

Life is cool ’cause life is bootcamp.

Comfort, healing, joy.

Getting wrapped up in making everything items. Page of thorns. Collectibles. It is intentional. Hopefully the past couple years have been good to you. I knew he wasn’t significant after the couch. ‘Pieces of me—oh it seems that I can finally rest my head on something real – I like the way that feels.’

An examined view of the Northmen.

I got blinded by your Dad. A poster card with each loving kid. We are doubling it up. Swings every form. I’m just giving him the paper ego, I didn’t mean to do that.

You know volcano however it’s supposed to happen.

He likes it, he likes it back – he’s not guessing anymore.

Well the darker side is coming out.

I’ma need an escort to meet my Father.

Me no bra – work clothes—getting ready. Just report the goods because they’re kind of a Keeper’s keep. As long as 1 person will greet. Please baby please stop stolen. You want him to be the providers, mom-cats. Lots of kittens on porch husband was taking care of. Gentle affairs. And now I forgot all my words. Sharing faux cheese vegan popcorn with dad, brother, sister-in-law. Do you feel like we can cloud poaches.

Some fisher creds over essay write.

It’s going to scrape the film. Get the joy that is offered with the book.

Dope daughter that kept on endlessly running out when I saw.

A little bit of $250.00. The light love. I’m coming a second one –Casket. What really handled this project. Proper investments 3 years of life ← and I wish I did more. The whitest shit you have ever seen in your life, represents. Wear ’em to the movie theater. Flirting with a pinky guinn. Woman and me talking in hotel room about her alone on trips while man at home. Small scale so I’m here long enough. Bread and Juice. Get some sleep—stop always a fuckin’ few 1 – wake up –Man… Me yelling at him for misleading all and everything. A little bit of glare is going to wear somebody down. Colors too intense – do you see what we need for our general store.

Her mother was so proud the day she met you –Forearm detached…[after vision].

The burden of the dirty work.

In the house at [by] the door with the left box [lock box] popped open.

Meet me halfway. There’s no need for us to get a consumer report. Healing cleared. Me saw video of me with crowd and I looked cute → woman cousin next/nearby in seat row…white scaffolding plastic like very tall like diving board we were hanging/viewing from…thought could die if fall.

December 20th, 2022

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