Black scars are truly different now


There’s just history that hasn’t been re-hashed yet.

She’s great and can develop at any group –Woman.

The inner born forest. Carcinogenic –Cancer.

It’s like you show up right when you had a piece of balls.

Only reputation you’ll ever know. Advansive heat. Have to try to regret your own troops – have to kinda regret your own troops. It was different. Jumper code.

Black scars are truly different now.

POS system won’t work. Fashion drive. Jingle bells ringing and a whole lot more singing. $20.00 off no thanks. Very special paper that you trade with. Auditory ear. Without wholeness and understanding. Can’t find ourselves back in it. Was man rather…rather hurt.

I googled it – I am special friend lamenting.

Augustine. I’m so glad that man didn’t know that I knew.

In the corner, in the house.

Strong and Kelly. I love that movie – Scream.

Using your differences to win an award.

Business Campground cabin store. Very sellable. Dancing for Jacob. Acts was a simple sensation of ____. 9 till 7 tomorrow. Without the thing that has been cleared for money. Every act of ice cream’s a criminal offense. That way a spider will lose you. I woke up feeling dandy all the time. Your authority has some sticks on it. Essential exsingal. Small broken pieces. Gouldie locks. A suite many dream.

You are emotional and a good sense of knowledge.

Jacob’s Ladder.

Doesn’t have to be nice to get exactly what s/he wants.

Cassidy also has another puzzle. Love you guys.

New gal pal. Cloud support. Ariel Winter. Mixed diseases. That will last a long time. Not every guest gets cleared. I like it for my mind –Plant medicine.


December 18th, 2022

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