His wife was a dream tender

I know things get transformed and recycled.

You know how much each one was an accomplished shade.

The guru and the star. We have got 2 special messages: here: The guru and the star.

We’re all trying to wonder where we’re going together.

Healed from what’s mending me. Gene therapy.

Talk through it. Humble is a kind health to give.

Business into world marketing. –All the experience I have.

I bought 1 color in every shoe. …Wrote out on tab.

Armed – natural and dangerous.

Talkin’ asleep to 1 of my patients.

I will contact you earlier in the week.

Hey man there or is it the Moon.

That’s the only service break you’re going to get.

His wife was a dream tender.

With me off the trender – you may never know.

Sent you all kinds of traps of ridiculousness.

I’m not saying anything about my magic because I’m tuned or fit.

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