Secret life of how’d we find each other out

Single that day – you didn’t bring me songs.

The magician of the muse.

Vehemently. For old timers. Settler setway. Lab after detention. Daft punk. Ocean we left items near – cooler, chairs, clothes—got swept up.

The Sun’s innocence. Oxygen Moon.

Shroud out in beads.

How very open private ballads are.

It does seem packed up given everything we know. World fantasy day. One day at a time. Lower abdomen. Serve both shaked up today. Produces flowers. Dead rolls.

Secret life of how’d we find each other out.

Gracie and classy. Her throat catastrophe.

It’s a dragon he is real comfortable with.

The realm of life. I finally died doing all the things. These are events that have prevented google. Mother sleepy bear.

My bus space is thousands of Christinas.

“We came—We conquered.” Spring forward. Don’t fall back. Eagle’s stretch. Eagle’s landing. Presto chango. You’re like a miracle. Harnessing their shelter for space.

Many of my souls vanish.

So hobby it’s ridiculous.

March 21st, 2022 [Unpublished writing]

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