Vibration – as in the crisis obsession

Mudra’s of the air element

Vibration – as in the crisis obsession

Oxidizing diagonal figures

That would trip her out because she was me and I oracle

I want the devil to dance on and double down. Energy levels. Lit with inspiration

Mudra’s of the air element

Quiet in this realm. Affiliate.·

Personalizing language paths for 36—Adharma and Dharma.

Soul light and trap. Mudra’s of the air element.

Man hating on me and my path – saying wasn’t important. ←Admission onto guilt—admission onto gift. My computer swolt up – that might been a breakthrough in your physical reality. Trusting deeper. Full alignment. Man—I see him by/him record diary and conscious thoughts.

Your karma’s likely to fill in one of these boxes.

I don’t even think you understand. The naked truth.

[I can say] Your gift is a hit or miss. Your spiritual gift is a hit or miss
In room, … . Tell me your goals – I guess I’m just going to have to enjoy it –Man. [Me] huh in head, you’re such a … to work with and all this. Needs must be met separate. For the mat home or crafts and they went out to work on your behalf. Reality doubles –working

Insensitive to choose from. My Journey phase. We bought two different types of coffee [Keurig] and were going to split the cost. Home in West Point we bought/were in – boat access to water – needed oars and didn’t want to go on without because no point in drifting.

My computer blew up and caught on fire – I threw it outside before exploded and when I did – flames came in I had to quell. Woman there, man, man, man, as I was trying to back up quickly and just talked about, only had for a year and only $1000 but nothing to sneeze at. Me arguing in front of people and man don’t want me to. Hello – but it’s true—taking work out of state. West Point artists I was looking through work that was not positive – man not thinking logically sitting on couch saying only way – I say because it’s what you created.

And 2 warden/underground spirits came out computer – 1 crawled back down into hole

Funny video with a sun bath to plate. I don’t want my dressers to be mathed.

The way you outgrew your old self. A more peaceful sleep.

[I can say] Your gift is a hit or miss. Your spiritual gift is a hit or miss.

Was conscious – it keeps on happening and … . The sleeping … those who out … you in sleep. Man searching through and I kept rewinding to see his reaction/take: on his dream writing – this is personal.

Millions of forces of years later.

Deep kiss – between 2 hooded females.

Concentration camp –Swati – shine your light on the world. Either a temple or an emotional holding block. Even into the winter, he didn’t like my shit heavy.

I’m a Sun gift riding the toxic.

A shot of the planets with soul power.

Who may not only be the right conduit – who believe the dragon

It’s halter and confidence. The way you mentioned it is a home box and a ben beam box.

Who may not only be the right conduit – who believe the dragon.

Criminal – going against the guru –Swati.

And 2 warden/underground spirits came out computer – 1 crawled back down into hole.

Vibration – as in the crisis obsession

Vibration – as in the crisis obsession.

You’re trying to open your source mindfully.

Thanks for making changes for us meaningful kids like you.

Okay, he ranges because he uses a glass bowl.

Picnic didn’t start until 9:20 PM – should of been 8 – man so rude and oblivious. Man and woman watching new baby with care until Mom came home, lots of comfort food.

I am like a second woman. Probably ’cause they’re advocating retardacy.

Marco. Hands over arms when they’re too dangerous.

How are y’all interrupting –Old white woman/white hair—lock door inside and walk other way. Booking your Saturday—have you met a 3 day minimum.

Color rib cage.

I can almost see myself turning in for the week.

Like welcome to your nice concealment –White lady retired at home, had nothing to boss bitch about but tone down/tune in.

You’re un-shy like Opeia

This is a different idea of Trader Joe’s –snacks are coming. You’re un-shy like Opeia. I have no alibi [on knocking $ off bananas because all batches look the same – then I gave $2 off to please and it did please—I told you/it’d be “worth it”. When did she lose her virginity?…–Woman mom thought. I’ll be a Grandmom in months –MomAfter I spoke – my …ment.

Go out like a castle sword and emerge –Man got flinged into tall hotel—superhero style—after… .

The decision’s made. I made this –shot leaf→ talisman for museums. You can’t languish much once you’re past 75. Going to throw in my few decades of standard perks –Jesse Palmer. The gift doesn’t come when people come to give it –Mom on importance of lifelong commitment bond/marriage. More elaborate truth. Me touch dried blood on walking behind man [on back] –Me washing [need to] after touching.

I’ll rock the Webster…[lock]. Too much mental greatnesses. Supreme delight.

She walked into customer service an hour or 2 from me running away from her. Woman—Man. I got a 5 year old wanting to do it but he didn’t just get on it.

I get codes and crazy.

Price sounded lower before to get the car work [shop charged
you]. The most epic visions and insights.

Go out like a castle sword and emerge –Man got flinged into tall hotel—superhero style—after…

6 hours of sleep [if that]. Refuse to get it wrong. It’s next full ability. Woman/out with man –car behind…Can you move?…–it’s full ability. Me taking pics out back home. Chef’s kitchen on. How was June – on the second Christmas –me ask Elijah. UPS driver in morning playing with birdfeeder in front yard – and bird house – him.

Not … … … … A junkie or a prophet –Black man said he had compassion from being mistreated –he was street smart.

No one’s told me this but: Is that purple means blue.

12 kinetic energy. To extend with our extra peripheral vision. The travelers and look at me now. Keith’s racker warmed suit. Willow wilderness, = GPS is just too far range.

You’re trying to open your source mindfully. Thanks for making changes for us meaningful kids like you

I want you to continue to help work on part of stuff –writing. Constant conversation.

These day as it is nice things that nobody sees.

There is willingness in some of you or a trainess.

She played a fuckin’ role and her large presence being a presence.

What happens if you guide the seer?

I guess I’m going to go there and eat it on my lunch break –pizza/Trader Joe’s—one he mistakenly made without gloves.

Fancy patterns. Hail to science fiction.

Then I say no I’m not a recorder –guy looked over at me from court podium – then shut his eyes and put his hand on mouth, he mockingly did as was true [come on shouldn’t be surprise].

All too well. Teas/lattes being poured at Panera.”Hide the bong” so UPS driver didn’t see—him with with squirrel and cats placing our delivery in the bird box not on porch so no one would grab/so it would be safe –squirrel was jumping off hand and flying in air for sec.

They relish of envy of you.

Oxidizing diagonal figures

The answer’s not even there anymore.

Follow me home in a battle we won so grace and strong. To a world so strong –Melody.

Me scrap/stand up to/joke play with rap battle/front/but we were friends because now were, and helped each other through a lot before – in front of owner/manager – they saw me.

Oxidizing diagonal figures.

Most vehicles to this road or purely self curious

Graffiti on wall – other female say … but I like you –Lil Kim style. I helped hide 2 underwears elaborately from woman because somehow that man was linked with saving my life [pinky dicked].

What wheel connects to your flow.

Me on roller coaster with woman, man/in between – holding son – at end he threw up violently and it got in all of our mouths and clothes – I almost lost him during last loop – and it wasn’t safe enough and he almost slipped out my hands –almost had to check pulse in breath back into life.

You’re my daughter – I love when you post everything –Woman to me. [Man/woman – no gift broke]. Us all at high sitting tables – me – no oysters, clams, no matcha because just bought – woman thought snooty or anorexic.

Gone in self defense mode. I carry a heavy load.

Man’s phone had 35 different #s and didn’t work – he didn’t realize it was issue. Was okay and [heaven] woman appreciated I cared/reached out to his posts of him. Going to be a personal trainer. Man/woman musicians there – they like Jack Johnson – kept saying things and I was like, okay we’ll watch it for the 10th time – concert . I need someone’s help –Man, Henricus – And if affordable health rates go tomorrow –Man.

Most vehicles to this road or purely self curious.

Hide 2 underwears in trash extensively for man’s sake – to hide for woman.

Water—me to cross – when going to swim with no life jacket and take calculated [could be fatal] risk –Then saw alligator [giant/prehistoric] in water – coming towards, then announcement said this water was infested with them.

Private or honey. Short on the roll. The style unit. Me look sexy, woman talking I’m unconventional. Look at the record on the wind.

Melony was so familiar and comforting – I wanted to record in audio but thought/knew – would take out of vibrational state to not continue.

Ahh, I can’t stand man. Woke from the working—getting divorced right now. Intuition calls. Weather-proof. Okay I just being honest with you – I’m not really feeling that fuzzy old man. … that … hard team of leaders. [Tobacco smell] physically. One appearance to the next.

I pick up on bits and pieces—energy fragments.

Follow me home in a battle we won so grace and strong. To a world so strong –Melody

I felt better among resting tomorrow. It’s okay we’re not doing Christmas—just birthdays and that will be lessened and due to yearly flow. Because he is a fool to keep fucking with this shit and letting his shit go –Man. I almost thought the lone night of resonated.

All the stuff that’s blocking the number. –The final countdown.

I don’t know if she can call and give mom a reference.

Exotic influences. Random by choice/fate.

Self debate title. … –Man finds? Mathematician. What language they speaking –Woman? Contract worker. Low BMI. You guys aren’t the accomplishment. I was totally okay to eat a healthy dessert –Woman –7 styles – I was thinking tiramisu but then said no. Man working at oyster place.

Correlate with the natural rhythms.

That would trip her out because she was me and I oracle

Theresa. Grey goose. Please don’t look stupid by putting your fingerprints there –Film. Best concentration camp. Woman’s on repeat.

And holy power of grace… … …–Song—group – 3’s singing my auditory ear explode and chills over body [body entirely].

Jumping doors. I can fly.

I’m not going to do anything right now but… Navigate the outlook of Jaws in my life.

On plane and then had white maggots all over from blankets and unwashing—it was bad. I took off clothes to get … . Me using lots of water for … . … . [SpongeBob Square Pant’s friend Squidward around at … ].

That’s my boys, not my foundation.

I did know … from unlearning. Shower/blankets/going up an airplane in Toano, wondering it okay to use water/pressure when in take/off but needed asap.

Your success is my personal success.

My psychic breath has brought it on.

Careful what you wish for. Matilda.

Man you really bucked at Covid. A million different size – Maggots on blankets and me. Before in trash – with cleaning like lady … cutting up for dumpster – Just wondering how to get there. Was helping put all trash together. You can drop other field’s going to break [with Man?] Man doesn’t work like that.

Graveyard tombs in woods on hill [mirrored by] sunset listing.

Let me unplug the internet. Huey, Dewey, and Louie. The team bosses around.

Observing any miracle with home. Witches brew. Languish. Law school.

It is very painless with popularity. Ain’t no Earth fair magnets.

Your success is my personal success. My psychic breath has brought it on. Careful what you wish for. Matilda

Take away – I don’t want the position. Knew better. Surfer trainer hood, 12 … on Aubrey’s Arch. Peter on the outside—Paul on the inside. Poor audience. I am following you and here we are. You should too by getting started – you’ve seen how you want to be seen [out image one]. But stand what man can do—he’s not there all the time.

That would trip her out because she was me and I oracle.

Have some respect – respect on my name—Have some respect – respect on my names. Yeah, more feminine charm than me. Wife over Alex. Prostitute. Worth more to me. Man and I were reading tombstone of nuns with mushrooms around/ravine there. Secure a bond. No fun for anyone. Exclusive interview. Bathroom – it is guidance. Bible bush. The masteateir chocolate.

Training sessions. 8 elements completely noteworthy.

Double down procedure—the boys in my hood.

Like I haven’t seen enough in your family’s house. Credit karma. Well I got no … . Paper towel and not switching directions –back off…Paper towels and not switching the horizons.

You still remember –girl prior typing on keyboard.

Military … me. 7 FB noties [vision]. What if I get this expired without opening it. My mind works faster than the pen. Do not clear life without you. Rare signal—small change … . Oh is that what it’s called.

Good luck. Luck enterprises. Have it your way, learned that because.

Blew the gifts of the universe.

Great musician. Towards the end of your show.

Don’t give it away—our toughest is in our asset… Wiley Perky/Ellicott City. Come here 1 minute to answer your questions.

Listening dream work #1 – visions #2 – meditations #3.

Little bit more healthy stereotypical. 1 person I just don’t trust at this point.

I want the devil to dance on and double down.

Energy levels. Lit with inspiration.

I don’t have the same audacity with … . The clipper and the beak. Some were over the rainbow, what you color?…–Man—gift on couch I was hiding. Trying to get you to get real for a moment and turn off all the start lights. Baloney –Man. 2 universal truths. It’s not big.

[Haven’t released 2] The evolution of Aubrey’s Arch was extremely important to me

It’s a nice song but if you haven’t applied for it.

Show back to hang back to justice. Following a Christ.

She’s looking a imperfect in truth. I’ve been cool before –Fridge.

Package of the underview.

[Haven’t released 2] The evolution of Aubrey’s Arch was extremely important to me.

Rose gold. Literally this is a functioning woman [business] and you took this away from me.

Those gritty shorts in there. I’m on the spectrum so bad it scares you sometime. I can’t stand working with you—It is the opposite of a pleasure. Angry at myself for doing things like that –…/door locked.

Who carries magic lifting others… .

Once in a blue moon freak destination.

32 and 35 against my freewill. [Banana bread at 10 o’clock at night] Intriguing tasks. We felt like a different person. I suffered enough rejection. I want to make sure that wasn’t an issue yesterday.

Blew the gifts of the universe. Great musician. Towards the end of your show

August 24th–27th, 2022

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