Has a dead ode to prepare for and earth realm

Kelly of spirit has 1 thing to say

Has a dead ode to prepare for and earth realm

Thank you for a shot at life: come face me in this realm

Pondering wandering mind. Quick soft pick up that chair you like. Love can’t help such a strong thing

Kelly of spirit has 1 thing to say

You do not need to add anything. He resoluted your perception. All the signs to be killer columbine –we ducked under tables in room hoping bullet doesn’t ricocheted … . And we would ground daily at any work. Grind daily at any juice. For all the groundwork he did he wasn’t being … spiritual spot.

It slipped her imagination, she is dead.

Measure my windows and measure my student. Student my measure and measure my windows.

New law – new addition for self love.

Covered and wrapped … in sheer dress everything exposed. You can cave this couch – open. Me, woman, me, searching for candles and Yankee candle expensive even for used ones, outrageous. I climbed her hair and fell off. Put other athletes to shame. I made a promise that we never part…Then you turn around and broke all my heart.

This week you’re just having fun – be a light hearted week.

I just had like the serious overpower. Divine countenance

She won’t resist me gain. When do I have the stamina to talk about personal gain. At least you oracle todays. What a swamp fire. Bone broth. Nothing ever works out for me – I think it will or something. Thank god no civic union.

A design flaw: that I’m so open and pure. I am always satisfied.

Dr. eat a timing meal. Vinegar water’s actually good for the house because it attracts spores. Does not want to do any more tinting jobs – where we first got engaged. I’m angry at you for being so high all the time –owner. There’s no peace in my dining room.

If you want a spoken mother, you have to speak for yourself.

The tags on it are backwards. 11 years old hourly days in her pizza. You became manifesting the meditation. I’m … with my money on second of the stripe days. Teacher at prevented. Water will set it up. Never trust for polygamy.

Straight up sober. Hunter of live sweet change.

Enhance to sell it. Learning after healing.

A woman inspired business on the way. They’re never lonely.

[She seriously affected me –owner]. Doesn’t have a nickel/dime until then. I can carry some heavy loads. Vita-energy. Push up/pull up award. Recovering them. Spiritual seeker. One highlight more than others. The sun never casts the same.

Fuck my fear.·

It’s even that the sick cane suddenly gets dissolving. She hates the fact that we’re doing so good – she wants us to die. I hate the fact that we’re … .

Spiritual market. Transpire. Pondering wandering mind.

Quick soft pick up that chair you like. Love can’t help such a strong thing.

Some meal replacement programs. The vitamins that were there reflect life.

Just because they had an English version. [Sold out].

Some underground enhanced work. Kelly of spirit has 1 thing to say.

I don’t ask for anything to come other than I can handle [except what I can handle]. Are you ready?…Yes indeed I’m ready –Singer—group vs. solo lead –took second to get on key. Asthma and my allergies my whole life, I’m not kidding –Woman on tweezers found.

Protect your guide. Step into the ring.

… 20 year old Canadian remembered. Glad we glitter, sparkle like gold. Reclaiming cervical spine. We have 2 armed chairs today. Splender rich – I destructive life. Stop hating to share –Man.

I just had like the serious overpower. Divine countenance.

Has a dead ode to prepare for and earth realm

Trauma’s how I would rank people open.

Feels so good to be right. You let go time and it’ll be there first.

Last 3 trances. Bear on two legs roaring on hind legs.

Reward – my ability to move. Contrary odd and gift giving.

And all these printed vision at mixed with haiku. Breakfast international. Your concept is almost time off the floor. Your concept is almost time of the heart. Typhoon, special energies. Soul clarity – soul light. Their 8 people who are going to go on through without me. Happy hour’s the root of awakening.

Has a dead ode to prepare for and earth realm.

Master comes as master-beef. Dance revolution. Is fool’s list of journey – new and worthwhile. Man do lash out post to woman for being crazy on his home life. Victoria’s Secret bra $250 down payment then installments. Man with woman on couch with woman and me freak out.

Don’t need to declare how different we are – change your position.

That’s what our history books want [for someone to] to be this tough and not give up [lifting weights].

Accepting hard rain – I have a hard time accepting rain.

Aubrey and myself don’t hear a bit of noise –outside after hour bugs. Keeping you low after the confidence. The one I didn’t click on. Shot sun for the bold one that you are beautiful. Energetic sense. A woman turns up.

A many time drug dealers—A many time nutritionist.

[They want to like the] like the life they want to live.

A madness – a strong madness [in you]. I asked out of your side for prayer too, God.

Professional rest. With give yourself scoops in the morning. Today’s challenge. Where is an axe’s car. Prints to [it saved woman, man]. The ancients—the loss of the word was. Camu Camu. Blindspot.

Understand that’s what spiritual’s asking me to do.

Who have never followed their tribe call.

More rewarding. Feed me rice. I’m in charge by hand.

Who are you defending?…Man. Fine anthropology. Wild card read. Probably be curious about a vegan rich state. [What is this] repair in Jamaica [around bin in airport].

It’s not going to take me losing my sleep. Fixed in the stars.

Blue metallic. Angel guides and spirit forces. Anti-climatic –post.

Understand that’s what spiritual’s asking me to do. Who have never followed their tribe call. More rewarding

Thank you for a shot at life: come face me in this realm

I don’t fly at the lip at all. Sacred. Organic fantasies warm me up inside. Love Virginia, I love programing here and pines. Regina on street playing guitar?…Pretty. It’s taken a retro and a gatekeeper.

Time to get bloated. Elephant massaging girl laying down.

Long-term goals. I just do crystals that hit me.

Tell the truth. Happy hour’s the root of awakening. Top fan.

Is that NASA? Useless for me to press here. Construction on road/Croaker – not the same get-a-way – Man/man/I kept dropping [bottled water] 2X/twice in sewage drain [rolled into]. Important to finish job.

Woman freaking about woman and detecting where/who she put her selfish whore needs first. What do you think of me – I’m sitting here living my best life. Don’t worry – people still love you more/you’re more popular still even with scar—marred.

You’ll be the “Judge”. Cases solving. Received loved ones – that their misunderstanding’s mattered [–Woman looked back saying].

He’s like airing today – he’s like fire. Financial institution. While I carried him open. Formodable.

Angles with baby spirits. To be let go in isolation. I’m a leg lifter.

A complete circle, an oracle’s virtue—I support backing you up.

Rage against the machine. And I love little mystical magical things.

Whole tail is a disaster. This house is built and moon on water pic—Followed by swan on lake in opening through trees.

Prayers on this week’s criticism –Man. Sexy hygiene’s butt cheek are hanging out. I inspire what I invite. I always associate her with a low IQ –woman. She had on foot or not.

Organic fantasies warm me up inside

How not to ignore it → Impossible this time. 72 people shot. Willow garden. Put in your body – tell the details later. Disorganized. Have to stay away – the aliens and the rules. Is the most magnetic force in the universe. Money rented for a cake but then too squishy to pick up.

A short term Mercury phase.

And sometimes you fall on your face.

More powerful drag energies.

Plagued with insecurity. Doubt, humiliation. Having the time of his life with no responsibilities – Man nothing to do with his energy of vibe. Spending crush –Man. Anvil’s cream ice cream. Throwing your man for a loop. I’m going to but… sound of its funeral position –Man on done after talking to owner. Imposter was …over.

Looking for the hardest with the hardest working mind. Marvel.

Receiving the call. Thank you for a shot at life: come face me in this realm.

3 deaths circle. Empire. Orange of the dead knead.

Don’t get hooked. What you are really rewarding. Everything younger – that’s the way we feel now. It’s a big deal when you open and shut somebody’s window. When I am moved I am trained. A fresh start. Mystical attunement. We’re like a long-term relationship –Man. Ordinance. Colitis.

Long-term goals. I just do crystals that hit me

August 21st–23rd, 2022

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