The shade cannot be sung without light nor without shadows

My mind’s responsible for all things Christ and all things negative

The shade cannot be sung without light nor without shadows

Authority called you and the vision center

Just choose how God handles and wicked good vibes

Legal access using a hub expressing it

Apocalyptic glow would capture an emotion

Read on or read the stars

Really really want these heavy dark crystals. If you have a moon system or a post system. Hours back to back

My mind’s responsible for all things Christ and all things negative

All dictator was transaction. Runner – your neck. Silent show changing directions. Ex screen disney.

Thor’s finally the deliverance

Aushra. –Figuring last 3 trances [childhood friend there, man, other man]. Artists do exchange for work…Artists – do or have other people. Native man – and artists did work for people – and the people did their work as an ambassador – because artists weren’t accepted typically. Packing blanket knife sharp – use caution. And it fits who I am completely – a native artist, an indigenous soul. Me, man, other man—tinting investment – poor ideas. Accept?…Cancer?

Use in $2000—use me to forget you. Exchange rate. Create for enough people that it does something. Exchange rate. Shuttling cars in my bad sport. Insensitive branding.

The busiest year of the year, we’re from here. Natural trust.

Passage support – lack of throughout.

Patient has been reflected in court dates.

You need time to do that today – Scarecrow.

Rate of exchange. You did work for the mat home or crafts and they went out to work on your behalf. Dropping sexy in my. Tinting lead with a mortgage payment and it’s gone already. That’s okay that smells like gnocchi. All this is talking about money –Man.

You don’t own me and welcome to the same rib

Seahorse vision ♥. Welcome to the same rib – push the button 1 more time.

Leaf proof, she reads a lot of challenges… that… . That she’s appearing gorgeous.

The power of my skin—I was going to catch it for you.

The soul knows spirit good.

Although it’s 41 – this is what the baptist should look like –Sign of policies on white cut out board hanging—dropped/snipped →new rule.

Well I’ma ’bout cancel Panera. No white teeth without you. It pays to tint. Summer Sunshine: the food critic. Vegan twisting thing.

My mind’s responsible for all things Christ and all things negative.

You can’t freak out if I leave you woman, you’re basically just giving me a ticket. Its technique’s fascinating to me and it is always accurate [Woman’s face saying]. Everything’s cool that you love. Exchange rate. You’re not supposed to post things like that – 2 days after Instagram. I forget – Just ask me.

Kinda reminds me of a hunting tower, a typhoon.

Bonds website –Truffle. This angering’s showing a madness in me. My suicidal thoughts. Do not lend my strength to poor girl. Pic of wavy dollar in field to take shot of.

A different way of looking at things. I’m about to do it again – backwards thought—backwards thought reversed [afterthought heard]. No head dressing. I am a vital man. The resurrection. Calming quote feeling that ship. Singer at odds with soul [in me].

Thor’s finally the deliverance.

6 of Pentacles || endurance in earth realm ||

Here I need help placing an order. They make me feel good –Bread and milk. Harmonious –me to man on me. I’m feeling like uber passionate again.

She does exits as good water should do –Fingers in water glass –Glass of water cleansing.

I’ma pursue a job. Unidentify her. Pure masturbation. From coaching coach subscriber honey bun. Is this swati from. His disaster, his struggle. You know the workshop with a listening audience. When insane has to have a body. I do not like this. Have to open off this.


Stay rough for a minute – leaving time.

He counts every single one we do historic

You have always taught this is a cool time of year. Black fox outback window –me tell Jesse, he see as well – took trotting, couple then stop. He counts every single one we do historic. The life unimagined. Man regrets healing ministry –her face sigh. A true blocked energetic being. I was asking for the best of the best.

It was the end of alike. Who your neighbors chose to look like. Don’t want to be too open on Facebook, might die. Incentive – work sheet – workshop. And I pierce my chest open. A controversial artform. 100% zoom out your medicinens. I can do it all alone –procedure.

The shade cannot be sung without light nor without shadows

Ripples hold you current in the spot of history

With your Malibu’s’. Monet. And sublime because of the pickles. Old cases – need solving…Alec →unsolved mysteries. You need to get “in” to yourself more. I need time – I can’t do everything all at once. But it’s on on the Jamestown River.

Unplug – no upper windows. [Arch]. Human being – it resistance issue. So lovely and generous –Man? End of Maple tree caught on fire. Doing something evil in the spite of hates me. Cello. Once you play the game. Wildcard read. I got this word: blunt sex it all holy.

Holy – me telling Jesse’s’. Mentally to woman—she hates you – Don’t blame her—jealous of you. Some sort of blot out energy. Let her go –Man. How ’bout supreme court cases –Jesse. Let it anxious time – you forget life.

Soul watchful people.

Why did it end this way –Water gun shooting in mom and dads’ once opened/cracked because they never lock it.

Ripples hold you current in the spot of history.

Me looking out back – Moon—at night/middle – pics I took – I sent dad a voicemail and had creepy me-like trance at end/which was naturally whispered. –Me hear bones of farmhouse creak and inner working when rejuvenating. Disarm me = … to man –woman has no interest in man?

Written with Lee Ann Womack – I hope you dance. Backyard – Jeep down in the woods. Me wailing sung with my heart out crazy so where I owe my fingers to learn 3 and started insync. Brilliant.

Be wiser not to look at. Referred to 10 months ago time for man and was night/day on fun/times/money. I’m … until I dance. Anything can be done with it. Telling them I read words aloud in dreams. Rest must become essential. May have to go to England after this.

Us gave Phoenix 3 books but being privileged has its downfalls.

Refuse to reflect [why let go]. Woman note on if she wasn’t interested or thought not up one’s alley – but he got ice cream later. I don’t even know how much I break. Me as my late side. …, …, …, etc.—Any arch will insure you to move. The bill’s real tight – for everyone. Don’t want my Instagram to blow up. Sign up warewoman –who you have just enough to get by. Man used it relentlessly.

But let me tell you – the moment came alive. Make me feel outdone.

Any bad luck for you? Mapping our better world inside out.

Talk to me and let me listen.

If I am challenging, go be a Christian. Same signals.

My Dad was walking too. Blue light star award. World renown.

Current surfer. Right back at you, woman. Solidary.

Like the voice was carrying me through. It lead me—did not overpower each other.

Man better keep all bets to himself. Really just pre-world goodbyes –to Grandmom. I honestly need a security system. Another piece of the pie. I smoked –Man. Shitty pony out your pocket –Man. 2 foot foundation.

[Covering it up] I knew it has to do with our mighty different [little] cultures.

Slavery and addiction – addiction to all things holy.

Mad functioning woman. [Owl sight/vision].

Life of luxury and rye.

Way back when I was younger man/woman [could of worked]. I was woman’s special dude for a while. Stay out – make an effort by example on personal unless asked.

Give it a spark and an obstacle and a library.

Then when I sweat it heals. Controls to belittle me. Security net as long as you can afford it. Grace west. Neapolitan. Your parents recognized your voice so much.

The shade cannot be sung without light nor without shadows.

Eating clean for a urinary track infection –meme on Insta. Preempt. I’m not hating and I’m really happy about the truck. I want to write for other people to help with suggestions. Altruistic. Is that fried chicken?…to man we only bath the… .

Vastly, it had to be dramatic –me sing through mirror hugging someone—me seeing through mirror hugging someone.

Real spiritual commitment – don’t feel pressured. Because I wasn’t ready. Because I wasn’t intuitive approach

Always a dead fantasy. Wild ones. Habitat [raccoon saw].

A lot of pressured things powerful – accurate.

I looked fuckin’ fucked up. You look soft.

Hearing aids – you’re not perfect.

Pictures of her half moon – hourly rate [employee].

Revered it so much it paralyzed.

Concentrated effort. The quiet/highest I can be without the option of counting. I guess she’s blue television [–deer outside]. If somebody knows what they’re going –dried flowers. Got to her shoulder and the heart –dried flowers –Grandmom.

Formulate the migraines all the better –blender loud.

Some things are fate – trust—believe –I only trust if I keep up—If not, I don’t trust myself  = no civic union.

I was due for another deck. It used to be so amazing – and now it’s just the status quo. Distracting that stupid bitch. Is he chewing at the … . [Kindergartens … ].

Please apply or online separately. With our spiritual warrior.

Genie, Carly’s mother.

How built I build a curse around it.

26.88 if you’re fine –Man. Energetic attunement – I have some notes. Business that surrounds. Holy sears part. We’re making the money with the caravan this week.

Well those primal hands 2 people have to build.

Real spiritual commitment – don’t feel pressured.

Because I wasn’t ready. Because I wasn’t intuitive approach.

Buddhist monks… always trying to look like me.

I’m talking to the person whose information will be sending.

I am an Angel warrior. Wave down hand split, it was wrong.

They’ve been married 2 years, broke up almost 3 –Khloe/Tristan. I’m like freaking out as a woman –Woman. I will this year or next year – stop embarrassing me –Pete.

The lordship – An energetic resonance.

Authority called you and the vision center

Just ’cause people are bitches. Don’t want to slow down weight. Just the boundaries of your next post. I’m slightly mortified. Instructional training. It makes so much sense, it pushes you forward. Screen mineraling.

I love your ____ channeling—the good is good. I love your influence, perspective, energies/information. –Man—woman—husband, me – them thought we were negative like… you don’t see what the people saw—see in those pictures.

College estimate kids and Samurai.

There’s some taking over today.

Justice for life.

Correct faulting instruction. Man trying to do mate energy by buckin’ at my choice and the one word nutrition.

Authority called you and the vision center.

I have to humble myself every day. Wall split warrior. In the most pretentious look at me look at me post. My Mom sucked and crushed relationship/s.

You’re destined to do this hallucinating hour.

It’s a detail that I’m going to overcome without you –Man. Make sure luxury service that account. A conscious dissolving/solving. Or else you partner with Granddad. Best finds – seriously throughout. Man promised money on your shoulders.

The Moon[r] || full moon August 11th inner alignment ||

10 more visions to keep me sane.

It’s your own color that you do your thing.

[Your…Are doing great –Husband] Says who says competition.

I would of loved to have this figure the next day [shadow working].

See the extra full men from above the sky.

[Swati’s texted us about stuff] Lonely in the backwoods. 3 females strike. It’s weird, it’s unbelievable. No one could shoot some candy with me *Insta*. Please don’t leave me alone until I get there. Mom, just like a Jesse, –Authority yet peace. A big question of your fate here. Some people hold on to their seat too soon. Just making sure she’s alive. I just the divine letter that. … .

Your son 1 sun. Disarming. Ear, nose, and throat doctor.

First pronounced it dead – dive into it Brandyn.

Orphic hymn. Only healing trash ←diving.

Anytime I want to mentally deteriorate.

Not 2 happy wisemen. Dousing.

Elite or ground to anything. 2 meals a day then I’m still not eating enough. Relaxing shower. If Michael won’t do it, Dusty will. […] Really thinks that: with like no husband.

Please be under these influences.

Singer – window producer.

1% percent crafted fun. Spiritual market.

If correction moves past his hands.


Just choose how God handles and wicked good vibes

Once it hits it’s all good. I think the karma intwined.

We’re in the name of the moment.

Elevation. T hours work daily. What’s my hereditary – I just wrote hereditary. Does not test them – does not one mission. This is it. We knew it was going to fuck with us.

The highlight of my dreams.

I would of not had the spirit to do so –cloudy.

Higher vibration crystal.

The co-founder of my life and creation

Been overcast –Dad…with mom. [Man’s like] I can’t hear me. Man, I wouldn’t tour the space if I didn’t need it. The dementia –Astrologist. Social change. She can’t wear the underhand –Gabby Petito’s mom suing when she knew.

Try not to go inside the building –AC temp different/drastic when acclimated to sweating outside.

Big mamas—I think there’s only a fat daddy solution. Big daddy–.

Age always brings heartache.

Then I get a lot more done in Wednesday. David Bowie [on blast]. Rebirth–waves–sound. Cosmic aligning. You preoccupied yourself with how you’re doing. When man dumped your fuckin’ ass. I have way too much county menu.

Let’s not devolved to her as a friend [root awakening]. Micro soft conscious connection. That’s my side – that you just take your lunch break on. Breakdown by humans. Completely fucked fucked.

Just choose how God handles and wicked good vibes.

I was so fucked up a long time ago—I’ve been fucked up for a long time. Sliding scale – and me. Hot as shit in here. I felt very comfortable. It’s time to find a cervix a cancer. You’re like the dumbest white dance –just … on Karen/’s to all. From the hands of the wrong users. Alignment.

The co-founder of my life and creation.

Woman’s dirty dishes –Woman. I should… I feel vibration. Woman, body the … – what is right with standing with her. Problem solving deep emotional contentment. Heightened clutter.

The seat of the Sun.—The afterlife.

I can go back and get another 1.

Grief explained.

I highly suggested art and neo-pagnism.

Having the opportunity to receive the call. An open invite to: I [still] love you – I would take you back. I can fit more stuff into my shake now. It will level out. I trust my heart. Fallopian tubes. [I’m just going to put it] on the side of the woods.

Happy hour’s the root of awakening

I wish I knew how he felt: “Holy fuck”. And she wears deodorant the next day. In Jamaica. James City County preacher isn’t it. Happy hour’s the root of awakening. Off screening – one screening. Pack southern comfort foods –… .

Cosmic quick shot.

Moving pictures with word and numbers.

The way my mind works it just rolls.

If you know me you know you don’t do that. Funeral challenges. Such a big butt that you have this lateral stretch. I’ll take this at night now because I go and leave it for you. Divine oracle wisdom. Lucid trances. Withdrawals. Fresh cosmic vital flash. My final step for you to not be alone.

Auctioneer. Tell me how I was doing. Hired you again. How are you available to people—how close are you going to be. [Restricted on bed rest] When I got home she was paralyzed. I should have to wait around for you. Stop moving behind the scenes –come out and play. Dark or weakest sex.

An acoustic guitar crystal –gem. His trance clubs.

See what’s up. Lose interest in you –Man.

This started off with the world dream.

Hey baby boomers. The devotion to who you are.

And I know when I’m getting that sleepy.

The challenge of men. Orphic hymn.

Sorry explain my past tires. So healed – though she was healed. 3–6 months – go to California for a test [no]. The opposite is true cancer. I am so glad for it being in office. It really bothers when we don’t notice except going out. Expungement. Tone dial. Meditate/naps as they do. Radiant being. Loopy – like a rundown obstacle of herself –fat rolls. When it can be too good and don’t put it down. Outside walls.

I like shadow tribes.

Multi-level perceptions. Show the body one that works.

Resonance. Actions speak louder than words.

For this book to be written [in the stars].

But maybe it will make you more present.

At the contest of any male. When you’re there, woman – look at all the summer. I’ve been through a transition. Implications of dried candy – implications of … . Other creek – Artist-wishlist. Rooster crow.

Mercury binges within Gemini.

The only structure me now. Divine resonance. I’m going to make myself start tying myself. Some sky prophecy. A sure connection. Sign on road leaning – directing this way to veer.

A heart, ear, nose, and throat = interpret myself.

When I decided to just forget about the stove. No one circle… that talks to readily open spirits. Warrior in the sky.

I see the writing as no difference than influencers. Sacred relationship.

Organically grown. But I know the house is kinda older.

[I know everyone’s thinking] Am I pregnant right now.

So people wouldn’t have to find their divine footing.

Sight out of misery. Maybe I’m overcompensating to equal my bill.

You spelt my name wrong. Different user.

Really really want these heavy dark crystals.

If you have a moon system or a post system. Hours back to back.

He was away in the garage closed –Man. I asked you for permission last time I did that. “Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose”. Cross those bridges—get real fast. Energetic resonance.

You see the Frankenstein we speak of

The one on the corner right where you think it is →Frankenstein Street –Vision sign of multiples [streets] but this we familiar.

I just can’t have him deal with that – disrupt my mental flow. Heart guides your intuition. The bare minimum of what a natural convenience would be. They weren’t going to help us out.

A spiritual teardrop in heaven’s discussion.

Never imagine what I’m going to do on a treadmill.

Legal access using a hub expressing it

Pretty deep and sideways. Need an audience – starve emotionless. That I stayed for more engagement. He wants you to come home still. My mind just doesn’t work like that. Energetic resonance. She was pretty nervous and pretty tickled.

Donkey knows. Required taste in your mouth.

Prove in devotion – Inner light.

Me black dress on back porch – Man and I argue about texting woman back [being DGAF] I said mans. Got on our knees and sucked on our blood for the weekend. Man goin’ – I back chair up as me no underwear—horny.

I think you need Sun in Aries in your chart – The planet of expansion.

Empty this at the yard sale, so we reimburse the balance. Kiss and tell.

I had to go through that in modeling a baby –Mistreatment

Legal access using a hub expressing it –mentality on police – Centerville Road—man coming up with off the wall – long winded scheme – not going to work—”for hire” to watch your baby when mom gone or doesn’t know me [Napoleon] dangerous because would be alone – just bizarre reasoning – not thought out logic. That’s when on a bench – we talking herb and bust – but I’m no bust—fully legal. Man/woman moving down to Virginia to be legal and hey – we have extra overflow hook up to give.

Very fulfilled. Speak easy. Ka’Chava: Quick strange recipe. All these brutal seasons.

We bought new stove and used the word Sams down there.

I had to go through that in modeling a baby –Mistreatment.

But there was something I grabbed from it and it wasn’t free [selling rod].

I don’t like the look – but I like it on you –Man. Then your body has to go back through it –Assaulting your mind. Energetic resonance. She’s an Aries moon –Woman.

If I want an open gift I want it open. Proud and grounded. The width of your height.

I got a private Instagram and a political belief.

Someone was always against me though I wasn’t against them –that’s exactly what we’re looking for – I would do—but not… . Raven on its back, laid out. Move the heart center – they wouldn’t hangman. Took 3 naps so I’m well rested—Just how my mind works.

Whenever spirituality gets confusing I rely on my native heart to search still and listen.

It’s August and I’m pale – I am like super pale—super of the superest.

Everything’s tougher for you.

Softball and the Aries –Swati. Powered by the wake of our time. Look what I cracked, mom – eggs in carton. Offer me to a free healer. Jesse, do you think you’d like coffee plateau? This row of assistance.

It’s August and I’m pale – I am like super pale—super of the superest

Microwave technology and body –Hand sprayer [akin to sink one] spraying on babies cheeks.

Be there to harass me –Woman. One of Denver’s’, the most iconnous names to boot. Us being flirtatious –super pregnant. Man: what’s wrong with you. Evidence is wanting of having.

All spiritual fantasies… .

Or you full moon a god water.

It’s a long journey to wellings. Today’s day was pretty good until the end of this –in our shadows—in our flaws. Is seen: super going there …ville. Hug healed – hug was healing. I don’t mean to bother you – but what’s a […]. Then you free … . Aggressive, hard, workweek . .

I’m cultivating a scientific way of looking at things.

My body does help me work. In the wildest chases the stuffing’s changed.

Apocalyptic glow would capture an emotion

A real learning experience. Rhinestones… .

It kinda won him over though and vice-versa.

I am knocking at your door –After vision of man with white hair towards left side [of scene][his right side].

Didn’t start off dash at any moment. It felt like it was trying to tell me something. Conscious personal decisions. = That’s their freewill. The feel of something being in the room –The tapping. Feline vision –…Silhouette. Where you were 2 days ago. Why didn’t he get everything done in the afternoon like […promised]. Sexy butt female business suit. If this was a chance get off the game –Man.

In my waking – I am awake to all suggestions of life positive and what makes real flow challenging?

Everyone can do what they want and still be unaligned –The great equalizer.

Everyone has to be active –Dream community. My color purple. My plan purple. Astro. The beauty of the other winds. You must have a easy job Jesse – And you must have energy to be Jesse –I’m tired. Just to talk myself 1 on 1 and to … and to have … there. Special … –Woman. It wasn’t lockdown. And he needs to go in the homepage for that –Man. Man thinking… would be believable.

There is nothing wrong with Christianity. And if you get sick of it too.

Deer source… . Be kind – show love to yourself. Jesus [clampt vision] Unreal at this point. I don’t know what you want from me with this – I don’t know what I’m going to do –Man.

Apocalyptic glow would capture an emotion.

I love that word – by any means necessary

Huge lung power. Woman—man – love me –likes on social. Man/woman laying down bed with me and they don’t do that. There’s plentiful cracks. Hi Southern ←This lion: –pitch was unique and … sound. Brad and Angelina. Do I give him what he wants or do I give him what he needs. Unreal. Sad. Never dismissive. He already is –Man.

You’re probably going to do that groove, man, what a torque I am.

Man what a miracle I am.

Groove general person clean up didn’t … . Clean delusion. I was having a good time – I wasn’t going to down mean.

Rain and mystery in ditch with rain coming through—me had covering –Mom uncovered overall well being. She came up and hugged – me too—can you imagine 5 years. Old today – assuming same relationship. Me and woman on … – mimicking why so serious together? –Man. Movements flow – Why so serious together –Man…Life is so serious –me, man, woman, on bed watching life movie of now. When she carried that legal year –daughter not listening to mom on safety of riding with blind man in rain – Mom had warning dream as did I to be vigilant, now power source without.

Negative self spiritual talks every day – It’s called maturity –foreseeing into your concept.

It’s darker – It’s 5.

Me explain it to woman/man on workout – 20–60 – save my life – struggle for them to listen though. –Woman and I hugged a long time on bed. The ladies subject. We hug on bed –Man. I’ll be ready when you need one –me to Man. And your dad has them hostage all year –Man/woman.

Assault pushups – they sometimes hurt and they carryover.

This is like a weapon: wow, watching weapons.

If God tells you that’s right…it’s time to start talking about jeopardy.

Understand this enact to activate the good ‘ole news. I walk with you. I don’t think we’re going to work it out –relationship. No reason for that –trapped me. You’re almost being arrogant to the forces that be. Mine –Man on woman. Luxury. Williams-Sonoma. Is talked about a lot. Healed myself.

Listening [big blister from sky]. The only way out is in.

True soul dates [within]. Experimental phase.

Oops, I do have a long workout in my room.

If God tells you that’s right…it’s time to start talking about jeopardy

Sierra mist. Who knows what set drama reacted. I’m not 12 ray—I’m not crazy. Austere—do we proceed. Give my man courage and strength, wisdom, honor. Concerts are our way of putting that out in the world. Crisscross – Masterclass. Beating again –Wild fantasy. Could of like slept alone. I need your make up – without it I’m closed. Paying bills – losing skills.

I’m going to take huge images on camera roll – if that suits you.

A complete circle, An oracle’s virtue. Y’all are pretty much shutting off until the weather.

7 of stones—healer. She’ll need work.

In my waking – I am awake to all suggestions of life positive and what makes real flow challenging?

Better earned—an Aries in Leo. Something to share though maybe uncomfortable for Man. Are you bay’s daughter –Man?

As long as you move your feet…You shouldn’t be ashamed of your body and your life.

A great opportunity to work on agreements.

Such a surprise turn around that I had to do something like this.

I love that word – by any means necessary.

I had peanut butter under mouth—dribbling out = he thinks I’m nuts but I’m not – just misrepresented—misunderstood. Grand cross. I was about to explain my push-up—plank daily routine – inspiring lasting change with a few minutes a day.

Because other people are testing and watching me. Viola! Delegate. [Inspiring hope] In healthy relation with yourself, money, and life. It’s not like it’s not. Not embarrassing.

You’ll be safe in pregnancy okay.

I’ve been a desire. Other kids relationship.

You move around more hunk.

Wanna start on the other side of things – things that can help my clients.

Worth your weight in gold.

I’m not going to shave off my head just for a mammogram. White goat in and out behind Northern lights that remain –what a compliment. A contest with plenty of room and you like blew it [like a bozo]. Let him die tomorrow [I don’t want him in pain anymore]. He was doing this for weeks – taking loss out.

Beyond any doubt. Sorry kept messin’ with a rusted spirit [a crushed mind]. ‘Cause gabby runs away from everything [son/father = same human spirit]. Can’t face life real and head on – always evading – lacking maturity and wisdom to their detriment – they suffer but they see no other way and they’re not sorry. But I’m so glad we found you guys.

Solo-trine. Then he fell in love – love on strike the enemy. Clean experiment. Product knowledged. All captivity. Butt load of activity.

This may be a business card main interview.

My back’s turned on.

Powerfully and uncover-fully reveal those objects.

I’m very offended –Man to dishing out money? This sucks it makes me so sad just looking at it –storefront. Did it to get away. Never away.

So damn broad range that it might be abstract.

March to the beat of my own drum. Yeah I think so whether I like it or not. An interaction was … . What could of been –Man. The artist born in me—The artist born free. Deeply reverses in sleep child. Devoted in you—I want to coming out. Me type force body type. A lot of people are going to notice it’s your gun. A psychic bandana. Where were we.

White goat in and out behind Northern lights that remain –what a compliment

You need the best of both worlds –Man…alter/inner. And we lived an hour away from there –beach. If mom’s doing good about time to grab you up there –Maryland. It’s not that difficult to figure out. People have that flow going with it [Studio]. She dumped him—He dumped her – it was mutual –Kim/Pete…Nothing in common.

He won’t make it happen for us even if he could. The academy’s going to want to know if house dogs are trusted or respected. With aggression to her back and spine. Currently. I figured I’d lash in knot at a handicap student.

A lot of sweet energy for the Panic.

Your fault pretty much pick up the Panic voicemail.

We came off force. Diagnosed with complete cancer. All–waking phase.

True wealth is not dependent on a paycheck but how you treat other people.

The tears come as artists these days.

Introspective flow. 21 year old … players. I’ll get cancer if I have … or not. 2012—2022 … . 50″ X 73″. … tinting—that’s what moms do best. Cuba may attach to its whole spirit. Yes I get it but there is a soft hair stylist out there. The rat enough I chose to marry.

Read on or read the stars

[I had a dream that many “white witches” were in a room and they all said as one that “we will fill this room with light” with their arms in the air as it was growing brighter. It was about you.]
Shepherd’s sheek—Energetic cense. Read on or read the stars. Planning and attracting me when I didn’t even need one –Fridge. They’re not going to be writing just my portraits.

Step into the ring. So clarity—Soul light. I would’a rather go ride aviator. Wild images wild as you are. Rohand. I’m not helping you rescue money, man. Down Richmond Road –Woman.

We really need the angel’s presence. Full weather-proof.

Frezno, Dardin, Winslo, Uriel, Raphael. I am asking/invoking help on this next phase of journey.

It’s the word I think I’m going to use.

Purchase your light attendant ←get over base human emotions

Like a naïve little bitch. Jessica, it’s Cornelius. New does someone like me. Purchase your light attendant ←get over base human emotions. When did this become a cool thing?…She’s all trying to cover it up. Me not want to check on your blood pap test. Your back ones I never check.

Dear cosmic friends. Joshua tree.

On the divine will [–graphics↑].

And not just the food in front of me to feel full. Play it cool. It’s easy to tell – to hang over in there. I trusted out of fear. Vanquish. Soul collective—Soul areas. We’re together as … . Making it into something it’s not.

3AM moonlight on August 13th

The doctor wasn’t wrong – what the doctor discovered.

I stole a portrait of your love –Melody.

How ’bout theory. Isn’t trophies better than Jesus?…–Trophies on spirit song. Baby don’t get us shit if anything. Man being crazy on turning lane. Put your devotion ware on.

I’m hearing but where do I see?…Projection on wall in room from energetic intellectual beings—Leader asking if want to see that…That’s when I looked around, hear but did not see, where the projection was visually showing.

Impounding truth – Jesse, that’s dream I had when I was 10—generation to constantly break. Did you grow up in that dark bar [it’s coming out].

Ace your friends and they can take that for me –Melody.

Hardest part? I’m selecting my charm tomorrow.

The wind and the drought. A young strength. [Airline Ceasar tickets]. Woman $20,000 truck cab with flames – looked cool but would of broke down soon or cost mass repair. Flawed … . Loosen up my load. Chess presses knocking on the door. Gifts to you – there’s no gifts to me. No stubborn link. Couldn’t get over the virus anymore. 

Is that a totem or a freak of nature? –Whale, fat pictured with woman.

I know the rangers are coming back down that day. It’s been a nightmare with you gone of depression. Different energy completely pissing the street. I wanted to talk on side – but he in upper foyer to have witnesses as he didn’t trust himself alone with me.

She had better hunger control with her diet [she rounded].

[…] Turn the other cheek. That was my right oatmeal: playing my flute under bodhi tree –flute—but on right side –dedication. No one ever does that. He’s having a break on his soul. He feels love for Mom.

Death is the natural stand.

Really sturdy, really backs up well. The 2 – not even 3. Breast stroke. So you still love him too—you don’t hate ’em. Random by choice. Messy alterations.

I’m calling a trance once you feline.

Your spirit will save what’s yours.

Predicament. Never going to see you again, I’m sorry fucking hamsterwheel. Charlie accident and Charlie’s antiques. Close are we to the time being relayed tomorrow. From a place of ease not destruction.

Death is the natural stand

Protime track. Believe and receive. Another lead came through [solar filter company]. If I lift being your father, I lift being a friend of the situation. Man’s going to be working six days a week –Man…Ahhhhhh in the face. Allergies towards the end of the leadership position. My silence is useless.

My deserving my food and water……Stressful. Woman’s never responsible for them. On a psycho-spiritual level. Using your man to get a family. So many reasons why Ka’Chava is the best.

[What the fuck!]…–Voice scream loud deep echo. A professional team building around you. Maintenance is not a quote. Map around soul initiators. The clockwork is tilting. Let me face reality. Can’t hurt me –by myself. Playing dress up.

August 7th-13th, 2022

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