The spiritual warriors called every day spiritual progress

Coming with Samurai – lovely killing everything

Who genie had interesting wisdom

Little time to death and commandments

Open heart dangerous—why is it so so cold for me now

Look, God, we’ve had a great shadow relationship

I just need to call the doctor and find out what Phoenix is in

The spiritual warriors called every day spiritual progress

Deep contentment in your eyes –Astrologist.

Garlic breath [←me vamp]. Soul collars.

“The great pearl” asking questions in or with me…Look forward to seeing nutritionist – Me say this isn’t our relationship together—this isn’t our friendship together – Me explain: work, eat, sleep. That wants to rage on sinister music. Low income – Low worth it.

Eat my peace or it was going to take fire.

Relentless. Multiple times a day – woman’s needs.

Yeah you would deepen [wouldn’t you]—I’m just that deeper bunny mystery.

Some sexist karm. bitch tonight. 50 weeks which isn’t… by any means. Saw/went in farmhouse on corner. [But to tell you the truth] Your moon destiny. Stairs very bust – larger weight guy ahead of me enjoying/viewing first. Blunt sex it all holy. If I don’t heal my body, I will never get the results I want. Ritual support donation. Maybe another day you were able to see it clearer. Xylelyn gum.

Spiritual gifts are worth more then you ever guide.

On the other hand. Switching degrees. It’s going to take longer to heal than it is to fix. Inner author of my world. Park bench theories. Honestly I don’t – but I do have some jobs for you –Owner on crap.

[When speaking with these people] Lord Karma is their debt.

Creeper –Astrologist. To secure, to secure, to be secure. It will help heal the world. Recordings stories. All he did was help a dent, a friend. Dynamic outreached – Group facilitator. [Being] Something that you’re not –Astrologist –Wife –on woman thread. Stick it outside – derailment.

With a deep attribution to Cancer.

If we drive – we all get a feeling. Maybe you can get both or something dis-similar. Coaching energy. Deep throat connection. The voice of the gods. Early day. Fatalism –Astrologist approach. Let’s just be quiet and work through our drama. In both these energy things –Earwax theories. Collins. I’ve never been strong enough until now.

The spiritual warriors called every day spiritual progress.

In route to final destination.

We become so much more opportune.

California coming in. In our truly gifted fashion.

More dedicated – more loving.

The truth of validation that bothers me.

To dig a little deeper so it’s time to put your money where your mouth is. Hard to do?…We’re going to do it quickly –Roof job. I’m talking about a constant thread of connection.

After being sucked on – need to be sucked off.

Thistle. Legal names in business.

Leave it on—on with times wondering mind.

It’s not really a mentor[ship] →survival now. Physical bodies fade. When it’s impervious to barre a car too hard. As problems leak to the surface. Did you go out with my camera and find it? →Moon pic beautiful.

[But to tell you the truth] Your moon destiny
Astrology of voicemails. Stay until as late as you want. Over hanged yourself. Liberation. They like to walk for each other and they don’t rely on them fucking. Well I don’t know battle services when they come here. Lorado.


Coming with Samurai – lovely killing everything

Loyalty. Character of derision –Woman. The outside of her skin crawl –Woman. Sweet dreams, woman. [Get away from her?]. Turcell –your only hope. Ant –worker ants vision. Divine interaction to witness. Trances prepare by another pussy.

Ruth her size so pack in numbers.

Coming with Samurai – lovely killing everything.

Life is crazy yours. Extreme fun and love.

I follow my dreams like I follow astrology.

Rough times ahead.

The faces of Astrology –Women readers…[West coast/Midwest/East coast].

Where did I speak unknowingly. Because there’s women there’s backlash. It’s a big step backin’ up. Her spirit with hungry eyes. Man: like what am I doing here? Learning extreme. And I didn’t like the sweaty mom. It’s held up my heart.

Leonardo da Vinci, ‘A Bear Walking’, early to mid 1480s

It’s like a privilege to come in. Especially us. You go by bar dial – I’ll go by mine. I’ll live love off Texas. What are you doing – Daddy asked me multiple times. …Sound.—Original status quo. The sweetness in your.

Seeing Cassie Randolph when she was Coltons’—”that time”. Late December early October. Totally unite my creative goals. No one ever offended. Tribal council the other day. Her mother didn’t call in black and white.

I’m going to everybody—can you just please help me –Bear totem.

Mercury phase. I do love when said hello. Hasting money on make-up tags. Specific requests. I am emotionally available. Being calm these days. Bambi/Jedi Magazine. Not any of it lit—2 pages long.

Making ecstatic changes in your life because it is a display case.

Mad at Egypt. We have a huge collection from a gigantic stack.

Tomorrow’s a good day. They have the ocean in the view.

Power, originality, stress –Freuding experience.

Waste your energy as a time healer.

They cut that way ’cause they’re receivable. The first star. Iconic. Progression. Drains central –Mario. Your stranger cheated on him. And I needed some technique.

Kinetics and genetics. Turning another cheek.

Straight down or middle in the back.

A woman who’s working behind the words. Soul clarity and light.

If I had all the money in the world, right now I’d collect bees –Wax figurines [vision].

I am not and who again. It’s a job area town.

So many people were trespassers. Creative force over the divine will of my life. I know what you mean I’m taking left turns. His heart, just blown up off the ground again –Man. Not a safe, happy place –your dictator circle. Of different spirit.

Waste your energy as a time healer


Who genie had interesting wisdom

It’s okay to be smart. [Snake vision]. Like a banjo accident. Mount Vernon. You really think I’ma go through it like that –Beyoncé/Jay Z [cheat]. Everything about this planet rejects your story every day. We … shut down and we fight each other. Complicated things more than money. The furniture –Maine. You wouldn’t rather be free and live on the coast.

Listening and listening—My own inner wisdom.

Brush strokes from good banks.

Fuck you taking damage from you.

Wizard warlock. I police programs. Mint mixture – walking in there at night with group – kept trying – white shirt – midriff/shirt flipped revealing – me put shirt down when we sit down – I do not look or acknowledge the eyes – just proceed…[group of 4].

Who genie had interesting wisdom.

I’m prayin’ towards enemy – praying default.

Hand up to intervene.

I have never wanted more done that I can get done.

Turning lane – guy sleeping – other people cross paths. I’ve really been taking turns inside my head. Keep my stored fridges in the fridgite. Daughter dumpster diving.

Do you know how many funerals could of happened this year.

Competition – we thought everyone was alive but half dead.

–Daughter and sister wives founder. For a position at T.Mobile. Give me the Warhhouse in here…[Warhol]. Stories after decades. I’m not like as tall as that one, oh we will. Suppressant and stimulant free. Stay this beautiful painting. Poor gabby.

Is it over your head in your third eye.

No extra freewill –”the great pearl”. It’s like a toenail clipper. The one you wanted in person but all value is the same. Is it a green folding one? Chaos juice in the morning. My real personal phenomenon –Entrepreneur. Can post come off a little easier than that.

If I had all the money in the world, right now I’d collect bees –Wax figurines [vision]
I’m not living with him anymore –Man. Something regulate in my body – let time pass. Protected to belittle us. Divine force of will. I just need to turn the TV off and accept a little change. It’s never a lucky day for himself –Man. He’s got a cool thing going on –Artist.

Enough property value added. I’m pleased but if that how that works. Do you want to get the lord free of. If truly ever meant anything. Ready to unite union. The great molester –”the great pearl”. Fascinating –Owner. Harpoon.



Where do I write my mythology at?…[someone questioned].

Agree here close to the arches.

How to feel exclusive –Woman. Technique and they didn’t help me either. River running to a constant flow of steady stream. Choose your card wisely. The silent educator –Woman to me. I love this portrait this portrait is everything –Wildwood.

Ask a question if they ask. 12 weeks journey in reverse. I’ma leave my ____ right here, we have plenty of bold faith in the car. I’m more than happy to come and play –Owner. The ego of the millennium –”the great pearl”.

I know what you heard about it –Money legacy.

There is no way we can undo plenty. Spiritual call.

This is when the collector in me comes out –Man/woman.

To a drive and put right foot. I understand life can regenerate life.

If you re-hollute your homebase and you just keep getting numbers.

And I feel good that I am right though. It’s a master’s adorable.

Agree here close to the arches

Just to beak of these joints or 6 digits. What you’re going to do is go home just for you –Woman. When people are trying to overcome ritual thinking –”the great pearl”. Returned restrict pound of $26. Pounding fathers. Need to wash yourself before you leave.

She [he] wants to play with teachers.

All guest services please – tip safely. His #1 tingling fear.

Pictures who produces professional words.

I’m sovereign – I didn’t sign up for this –Claustrophobic class. Sitting in a smoke spot and I’m in a really bad leg. Direct me to the root of healing. Get off my man post –Woman to me. Not a damn thing – so they’re to be respected like… . I belittle big people –Big dog fluffy [really, old rich woman]. This blended resort.


Little time to death and commandments

Beautiful fame off bracelets.

The human spirit is where I want to go with these.

Nothing’s comfortable on second guess. Inevitable.

Turned to the price of flesh – inner resistance.

In one and other boats [–John]…Going into water where flipped under/over – son freak out about water safety and sucking slugs…father out of sight for good moment but then never was [out of sight/lost].

I repressive colds. Too ardisitic.

The power of minerals and. Taking over. At least three times a day. World tree. Air is limited—Air is pure. I think we should do all corners of the globe.

Because Doctor lukewarm is chopping the wood.

Your husband’s bright and gold

Energy healer that… . The dreams – like a connection. It’s more mildew than you think – I don’t mind –any virtues. Another various tip, trip. Responsibility. I did that as the title. Anonymous –me.

Little time to death and commandments.

I’ll be there soon. Money moms against Raphael.

Later brother Astrial. They’re worse as parents.

The micro cosmos around you. I am born again.

Other database information. And look at him, he’s not losing weight, he’s stagnant. It is a privilege, I am so honored. All the years if you pass ’em by – went in chunks. Before I dominate. Completely leave protected. Figuring this won’t work unless I work. If I personally don’t have any details it’s not like you do.

It’s been stuck in people’s psyche –pain.

The answer is no –…? –…?. … – would disrupt my flow. Create it to work – with partner <3. Story books can be written. That must be 100% accurate then. Savings with my 70 grand –Man. Distracting guests – I’m just going to distract myself.

When we first walking we used to do that a bit – gotta do that more often. Very sports line girls cheat on you. You can’t sleep here you have the situation as the substance abuser. Start acting like a real devil.



You’ll be supported since your strong hands notice the rest of the world.

Teach Brandyn something strict. Staying in the middle.

Had a dream you and Mom were watching a story of Frankenstein.

The 18 day straightening talk.

To the point where it’s a weather-war.

I threw away an empty bottle. We believe in your Fluoride.

Look I’m trying to state out in my homework. Galactic center. Soul dancer.

But you don’t have to be soft to be pretty. Trance-like escape.

I missed you clearly – I missed you a lot –Owner.

Head to toe. Draw a circle around the heart. He’s super pot –Rock star.

Over simplification—over-complicated about the truth. Agencies.

Talking ’bout Chris and they were winning about Chris.

The need to go. Security night and camera. Limit candles. Frank Ocean. Rachel and da duh do…[Blue light saw]. As a case member of my former true being. Empty ____ license plate by 6 take bike out if parking at Walmart.

I’m not going to be your peers because of the knowledge I’m making.

You will surprise yourself. I’m so rounded, I’m so round and I didn’t tight. No for an answer on toxic discussion. She loves you so much, she hates you. Not allowed to have any energy on your résumé. Yeah you’re right, I should push you more Brandyn –Owner. …ing in Air [vehicle].

Dedication to me not turning the man house. A hierarchy of transparent men. An emotional vegan in spread picture –Lady standing with sign flanked between. I have been suffering from depression. Then maintenance kinda became chop liver because he is –Campground [my point exactly].

You’ll be supported since your strong hands notice the rest of the world

Super county aware of everybody. Just an egotistical internet. Providing courage for you. And sometimes the checks wrote into a positive account. 80 – until you’re ready to take them over. World renowned trance channeler lest it come to life – lest it be written in the stars. And why Johnson film. [I wanted to] Exalt your business and you want to act like it doesn’t exist.


Open heart dangerous—why is it so so cold for me now

Look at your overbrand. Manipulation. We’re becoming ours now.

Lovesick typhoon. Giving some people some soul world bambi.

The film support me and you to support people. Famed existence.

I died in 30s—I … die. It’s not fault to. You keep coming back for more –poisoned yourself with. Carve out/heat in the middle – first been there. All the angels above the… . Sorry on chiefs – I ate ’em all. It features a love story. Man…Tremendous healing, ringing. Our map, our school. Helps in the body’s ability to heal itself. Goose buying lunch.

Jupiter. Just have the courage to do so.

Katrina’s just a taco bell in French. Thank you for saving me God. Alright/okay [so] I don’t have to lose my mind anymore. Hydrolyze – neutralize [everything]. Or playboy [Franch]…high off pitch [Franch].

Have no Indians so no story about them.

How about afterlife? Same fingers that bounce back communicate.

A kiss goodnight. Take a detox break – kind of dangerous to catch up –Man [when return]. Small table – functioning table. Frankly, the little people –Woman thought. Tapping on the fence. It wasn’t time to say goodbye. Man’s a little boy who doesn’t need to grow up. I’m just always sincere all the time –Man.

Spray it right here –Man spray bug spray in car—me no breathe/or knew I wouldn’t be able to. No coppermoon bottles are aloof/missing. No you just don’t pick it up real quick. Structurally sound. Lupe. Karmic’s fucking you. Keep hearing voices in head – it looks like you –Man to me.

Re-institute. All this work and it goes to my waist. Trance traveler.

The stones would have been something for you to put in for –Woman [on giving crystals].

Rush, no rush.

10,000—we’re not going to lose it. In the nicest part of theatre banks…[Sound side] first peninsula. Dr. Kramer. My biggest regret for blackcreek has got to be the foot. There were certain people that were going down –Facebook people/old acquaintances.

How about afterlife? Same fingers that bounce back communicate.

Everybody who I like sucks –Astrologist, etc. I don’t know – I think it was cheese-milk [eaten by spectator]. Ain’t my peaches –Man flicked a low hanging fruit. Hence [hints] if they were real sales in competition. Leo connection. Vasquez – The connection of resources you need. End game picking up. Measuring poisons smelly. And I’m sure they got those things in life. I lost my check.

THE WILDLING {sovereign/primal influence of aligned divine}

Open heart dangerous—why is it so so cold for me now.

My hunger’s remorseless [physical now].

I’ll be tempted every time a healer.

Road to recovery, woah. For poor care I learned a lesson. ‘Cause I don’t really enjoy doing it by myself and I don’t want to do it. Working with the entegies that be. I just don’t think I can handle all this chemical … . It’s like so disarming anymore –Man. I’ma take one of these group texts.

Again and again and again—It might never end.

How do people close their eyes when you remember something.

Completely used to sharing time with people.

#1 rejected on the collum.

Maybe this is our way to kinda give back.

I’ve created my own fucking madness – I’ll be the isolator. Man handing box [put money cash out for us not to see] then gave box through driver’s seat car.

If it doesn’t leave a medicinal harvest.

The quality of split is timeless.

Obviously I’ve got a room, got a heart, got a mind.

Occupied and nutrient spirit [side].

I really wanted naturally to take the world by storm.

The mouse is dead – on counter – I picked up with pinched fingers, threw, away, wondered about diseases. I think I would do good too. Because and they have like the biggest transformation ever.

And it makes your future a little more challenging. Sandtonio Banderas. Record in 6 week try. And for your message – I have no words to say. Is Jamestowne ignoring you live at the grocery store. I have been terrified to receive and reluctant to give.

Why has there been a drop in temperature like this –Moon.

We’re going to build your own practice.

Saturn, you show me what it takes and you make me what it makes. For me to get out of my own way for me to do my own job.


Look, God, we’ve had a great shadow relationship

The other ground isn’t working. Donkey [Eeyore style]. Show me where to apply pressure—Show me where to relieve. Why do my screams mean nothing to him.

My serious life story – my karma ripened

Universe, thank you for this miracle of my new life.

Let me try another cold pressing. Just want to rip them out.

Create a stable environment. We’ll get by.

Your husband’s bright and gold.

Object of my affection –dreams.

I don’t want to see your outcoming now towards beef. Addresses a Hill. Thinking weavely. And am that much big-boner—look to mind. Uncomfortable phase. Nero. Very easy track to get on track. Operational. Mom’s AAA/lack of plans is losing your family.

Grow out of number of proportion.

Ever says a weed of lie to – you moving on. Sleeps hut. ←What ever you did. Saw woman come to field while man and I were… woman’s daughter, had hugs. One of the best days of my life or had such a shrinking brain –Woman [daily drinker]. Candle at both ends. I want to restore my family. 6 a day and know my limit –pull ups. It’s serious but sophisticated –bong. So rich.

My only agreement – I will drive until we work this out/we will drive until I work this out.

My serious life story – my karma ripened.

Ability to distinguish what’s right.

Look, I’m not trying to do anything out of time, but I believe it’s time.

Everything just, everything, right[eous], fair, honor, dignity, holy, life rejuvenating.

Bat shits crazy –Man [on me]. Correct me, correct me universe. Rain down justice – divine will do your will. Look, God, we’ve had a great shadow relationship. My spirit writing’s about correction. My truth—my messages are about correction, universal truth, my … is sick and toxic to me … skeevy – God, help me.

Look, please give me a sign – is this a challenging painful lesson of circumstance? Because I feel I haven’t been treated fairly—God I am jumping out of my fucking skin – help me physically move directions – my intent to … !!! What is the plan, I am sorry I am curious—help me, guide my efforts clear and straight –reverse me.

Nadia. We don’t do things out of nature, God.

It’s like I can’t live another day with your strength. Rob Taylor. All these were free? Messes the word butter and that’s out –Mom. Shaman vision/wildwood. These people are just pinky dicked.

It’s just kinda a blunt warrior. Living everyday truth.

What’s the cafe?…Monstreal. Before the information hit. I did that when I was living with my own parents, never been a kid before. She died yesterday –Mom?

Is a structure near you that’s going to break you. Clear intuition.

Don’t get caught up in it – you’re too close to the edge.

3 or 4 fingers just isn’t right – slow down.

If you need to order with Dad, no rush with anything.

Put your devotion ware on.

Charlie’s talking too much. Lady McBeth. … Play with … . 1788 in great history. Baby born the other way.

On shore with … rocks –Man on horse with me and I tell him stop as about to hit a wall – ramp up into air [from dirt hill/natural earth]. User identity F. And you didn’t and you saw nothing but the truth. ←We while trotting on shore – saw trailers/construction/dirt/land piles, you thinking of working near but not ripe/ready? All of us man, woman, me, man – in group text liking things and reacting—woman saying things – me.

Enduced you a coma. I had to there was no other way. Tinting. I was perfect to talk to. I am writing but I’m not. In the wildest chases. Resurrect.

I work with the forces of creation.

Collective unfolding. Deep –Man. Evened your playing scores.

Work it out to the masters that be.


I just need to call the doctor and find out what Phoenix is in

You just don’t care about people, good job. I need money to catch up on –Man. Coffee and take a little break, relax. He got canceled at 45 years old –Sir Richard Branson.

I am the natural one.

Trance seem under control – nice and quiet these days.

I think if you were him but you’re not.

The horse can fly. Losing daylight. Tomorrow’s probably nicer than Saturday. $7000 check—it’s me and cluster fuck. Understand if you’re shipping gear to the house –Woman/[in] man’s eyes. As above so below.

I just need to call the doctor and find out what Phoenix is in.

Not a look at me look at me girl – woman’s like me neither am I…[I hate you]…Something that lives here. Write me a check – I just need a check in the bank. Everyday suitcase. Ruled the underworld. Neo sports. Sing with your hands. Mental midget. Ooh I know one thing – I’m about to jump in something. Workshop. Magic life.

Always have the encouragement – open your mind. Throwing 12 stones.

Makes sense to me now. Divine energy.

Says no thank you. Idol extreme.

Evidence rolling in. Kinetic energy.

We aren’t worth a backhand. Spiritual market. Tranquil.

Man and I had done it before? Stevie Wonder/Ray Charles’ eyes. Cashmere. –Man freaked on intensive life real. Knowledge was a destitute. I am in a depression because of it. Feelings hard to let go. Student of the guides.

Like sooner, better, look at me –Woman. I kinda had to do the sad thing but it’s unfortunate for us. Heavy retail involved –prior format. We can go to Walmart and get one together. In traditional Aries similar.

The moment I promise you [on a bridge]

I write/run for our reason—I write for a meaning.


This isn’t even worth it, you can tell this thing is real.

We knew it was warranty repair work –AC guys other day. [Pressing out] When you get home. You have to keep packing blankets outside your box. It is a privilege to remember the dreams. I’ve never liked noon – as a morning/breakfast routine.

I was writing a long paragraph. O.J. milk. [When people]…$1,000—man released authority. It’s okay man, show up with that nutrition problem. Urging and inviting correction. It seems a little less than free –my writings [$/money].

Realize my soul nightmare’s wish.

I can’t tell you why –Eagles.

In the coaching business, yeah. I am in a better shape now than I need to be.

That 24 engineeral dance [that we’re going to].

It was a challenge in my/your headspace every day –blasted with money hungry news in the name of spirit development.

The moment I promise you [on a bridge].

I knew cutting my hair would be a bad idea –Man? [So I can rely on yours] It’s not going to keep selling us all the time –Man. [I don’t even care] Who she is, what she is, who she does it with –Astrologist.

Narrative to the blood flow. Beautiful and young and have your eyes closed.

It was a musical getting started.

[Don’t want disappointment for you] That way seller can grow some margins.

I wonder what it’s like to be rainmaker – superhero.

If you look for your accuracy there [the teachings].

I’ve been collum’s back and forth too clearly.

No compromise – going to have to wait till you’re dry. Hard the windows for the people around you. My measure with pain. Check imbalances. I’ma be a nobody – a bum and a Buddhist monk. Sound Grey Mom “the great pearl”. That if a hundred people want them, they would buy them.

I follow my dreams like I follow astrology. Rough times ahead

[Was that] The traveling exorciser.

I wish the real world would just stop hassling me. Confusing what progress and production is. Witches link. Every time I went to Ross – never fit you right. It’s to make her look like she carries that within –Woman –Spiritual depth. Asking alive these questions of rape that a 15 year old’s going through.

He got willing to turn around. Mom and her yardstick. It looks meal Turkey diplomished. Hey, I’m sorry I’m not interested in that kind of shit –Man on Footlocker. More of a bronzer shade than a neutral shade.

If I carry cash rewards.

Don’t let darkness upon your soul. Immediate implications.

You don’t have to be an artist, you don’t have to be a popstar – you can get fucking creative.

River rose.


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